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Curious about Organic? Taster Case of 6 organic, natural, sulphite free wines

Curious about organic wine?
Here is a mixed case of 6 wines that consists of certified organic wine, vegan wine, natural wine, bottle of no sulphites added wine, and biodynamic wine.
Quench your curiosity well with this mixed case of organic wine!
Have a look at individual bottles for our wine tasting notes (opens in a new window):

1 bottle of a very fresh Italian white wine that is coming from Veneto: 'La Biancara' Masieri Bianco 2015; made of Garganega grapes it offers both citrus and orchard fruit flavours, some almond notes and even just a touch of biscuits. Great wine to match with light starters, delicate chicken dishes and could be a very interesting aperitif as well. Vegan wine made with no filtration or fining, also no added sulphites!

1 bottle of fruity and refreshing organic white wine Campo Flores made of Macabeo grapes in La Mancha, Spain; it is your straightforward white wine with pleasant aromatics, refreshing flavour profile and you simply need a case of this for any big party - it is light, conversation flowing wine. This certified organic white wine is good with light dishes, but will be best to serve at picnics and summer parties - it is fun and uncomplicated!

1 bottle of of super fresh and juicy Ottavio Rube Vino Rosso 2013 from Northern Italy made predominantly of organic Barbera & Dolcetto. It has vibrant cherries and generous spice flavour profile together with a bit of pepper kick. It is playful, quite youthful and perfect with your stews that contain beans.

1 bottle of round and medium bodied Ferme St. Martin 'Les Romanins' of Cotes du Rhone appellation. Organic Grenache meets Syrah and Cinsault in this rustic southern Rhone wine. Shiny purple colour and warm nose of confit fruits (damsons and black plums) overlaid with garrigue - scented pepper, herbs and spice. Perfect example of natural red wine made with minimal interventions in the winery.

1 bottle of Rioja Vina Illusion is unoaked (Joven) style of classic Rioja and will be an exciting find for everyone who loves Tempranillo in its purest form. It has been made by biodynamic producers.

Finally, 1 bottle of elegant Clos Henri Petit Pinot Noir 2015, Marlborough (New Zealand); whilst this bottle really does not need much introduction - enough has been said by Decanter magazine when they have announced this wine is Highly Commended and one of the rare in the list of wines to be certified organic! It is a red fruit, red currant and herbal explosion coupled with some bitterness and even further complexity. Think of chicken or, if you are vegetarian, mushroom and thyme dishes - this wine is complex and delicate to make your most exquisite dishes sing! 

Discover so many different types of healthier wines with this varied case of 6 and we hope you'll find your new favourite wines and would want to explore even further.  Quench your curiosity well!

Please refer to our short memo on differences between organic, vegan, natural and strictly no added sulphites wines if you want to learn more. Cheers

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