Healthy snacks and organic wine: 20 recipes and wine pairings

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healthy snacks and organic wine

Wine is definitely a drink to consume with food. Most of us pour a glass with our evening meals. These days we are too busy, too tired, too stressed or simply don’t have time to cook a simple meal. Isn’t it strange that we strive for a better living and work really hard for that, but we pay for it with our health?

What about mastering an art of healthy snacks? Here are 20 healthy snacks ideas & organic wine pairing suggestions.

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New Wines at Organic Wine Club - May 2017

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back in stock organic wines and bestselling sulphite free wines

Here is our monthly review of new wines. So what's new in May? In fact, this edition will focus on a handful of wines that we got back in stock. A few truly incredible organic wines were out of stock after being completely sold out in 2016. It is finally time to open new vintages and enjoy these bestselling wines. Let us showcase 7 organic wines. 4 of them are made without added sulphites, 1 made naturally with extremely low sulphites and 2 are simply of an amazing value.

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Redentore Pinot Grigio Wine (no added sulfites): our Natural Wine Star

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Pinot Grigio with no sulfites added: Redentore brand from Venice, Italy

Our new Natural Star comes from from Venice: meet sulphite free Pinot Grigio wine!

We have been selling this Pinot Grigio with a lot of success and it is not a surprise why. This natural wine review is to tell you the whole story about this wine and also about passionate people who produce it.

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Patron Saints of Wine

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patron saints of wine - by Love My Vouchers and Organic Wine Club

Our friends at Love My Vouchers have kindly researched who are most well known Patron Saints of Wine. Wine has been produced since 7th century BC and archaeologists have found ancient amphoras in Georgia to prove that statement. It is not surprising that Spanish, German, French, Bulgarian and Greek cultures feature Saint Patrons of Wine very prominently. Here is a bit more information on a few of them.

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Is natural wine as close to Paleo diet as alcohol can be?

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Paleo diet and Natural wine: paleo recipes and caveman diet wine recommendations

We are all on the quest for a healthier and happier lifestyle by eating healthy food, relaxing with friends and family and sometimes making hard choices about our nutrition. There are some really strenuous diets around. Paleo is a bit different as it is forming longer term habits and doesn't restrict your food choices much. There is definitely not any calorie counting involved. So what about wine? In this article we look into paleo diet more closely, outline what is so special about this 'caveman diet', see how wine fits into this and suggest a few paleo recipes.

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Duck and Wine: Organic red wine from Cotes du Rhone & healthy food

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duck salad and red wine: organic Cotes du Rhone with no sulphites

Some matches are simply made in heaven, aren’t they? Think of a delicious red wine and Cotes du Rhone will definitely come up as one of the well-known winemaking regions. Think of a popular Rhone Valley dish and it would be duck.

In this post, we look at these two yummy things: a quick and easy duck recipe perfectly matched with no sulphites added wine made in ever popular Cotes du Rhone

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Organic wine for so many occasions: 6 great wines for your wine rack

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great organic wines for different occasions and your wine rack

There are plenty of wines out there: some are good wines, some are a bit of a disappointment, some are for your everyday dining and some for special occasions. We’ve tasted a lot of organic wines to select just a few great wines for you. This case is to showcase your week in wine: from some straightforward flavours, more complex and to party wine. If you are going to be celebrating anything, we’ve got the wine for that too! Here are 6 organic wines for your wine rack:

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