10 Organic Wines between £11 and £15

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organic wine sweet spot 11-15

With more than 150 wines in our list and sometimes reaching 170 when we are fully stocked, it can be difficult sometimes to pick the wine. Is it a new style that you are looking for or a more classic organic example?

We have selected 10 wines, which are in a so called sweet spot - they are all priced between £11 and £15 and offer good value, flavours and can surprise you with its uniqueness. All of them are organic of course and 1 of them is even natural wine with no added sulphites.

Let us quickly outline why these wines are worth trying and also suggest some food matches.

Organic wines between £11 and £15

Domaine du Fresche Anjou Sec, Loire Valley, France


Made of Chenin Blanc this wine is refreshing, elegantly citrussy and also has an edge with red apple flavours. The latter make this wine a bit richer and more aromatic .

Why: It is a straightforward and uncomplicated white wine that has a pleasant bouquet of aromas. What is great about it is that is it light yet aromatic, refreshing but with an appley twist.

With what: Light fish dishes, chicken waldorf salad, chill well and serve as an aperitif.

Hospitien Riesling 2015 Halbtrocken, Germany


This German Riesling has citrus flavours with fresh apples, apricots, honeysuckle, hints of sweet lemon backed by gentle spice. 

Why: Good Riesling with well integrated acidity which is contrasted with a tiny bit of residual sugar, so it is off-dry white wine; it is also soft and not nervy as some Rieslings could be.

With what: creamy fish dishes, salmon Wellington, Thai and Vietnamese dishes, mild curries, sushi, smoked fish, smorgasbord. Great variety of dishes fro this wine.

La Biancara Masieri Garganega 2015


The wine tastes very fresh, with toasty almonds and stone fruit, generous citrus notes and just a little bit of crumbly biscuits on top. 

Why: It is elegantly aromatic and with a subtle richness, yet it is destined to be enjoyed chilled to aid refreshment. It is also sulphite free wine (natural winemaking), so it is better for you.

With what: Enjoy it with light snacks, grilled fish and quick and easy chicken / turkey sandwiches. Such an easy option for your picnic (and healthier too!). 

Chateaux Rochecolombe 2013, Cotes du Rhone Villages, France


It is what you look for in quality Cotes du Rhone - good complexity, aromatics and good length in the mouth. This organic red wine is all that and more - you can feel ripe tannins that are silky but powerful. 

Why: this wine shows vanilla notes that are evolving into a more complex array of aromas - candied fruits, smell of grills and roasts. Some sweet notes are there too - think of cloves. As many quality Cotes du Rhone wines this one can be enjoyed now but also be kept for another 10-12 years.

With what: it will need red meats, grilled or roasted, wild boar stew, venison burgers and other game.

Zebro Tinto 2010, Vinho Alentejano, Portugal


Smooth and soft with intensely perfumed forest fruit aromas. On the palate there are rich concentrated flavours of strawberry and raspberry. 

Why: This Portuguese red is matured, firmly structured yet accessible wine. It is also balanced on a more medium level - it has more red fruit and forest fruit rather than jammy black fruit. This makes this wine taste and appear lighter and fresher. 

With what: think about mixed grill - pork chops or Bavette beef steak (you cook it rare to medium rare and then cut it into strips and serve with rocket and parmesan). This wine will sing with its freshness, but will be deep enough for these robust flavours.

Petit Bernat Negre, Pla de Bages, Spain


It is a robust red blend of popular and also local grape varieties coming from one of the smallest appellations in Spain. Wine's aroma is clean and intense with notes of red fruits on a background of fresh cakes and pastry. Sweet, spicy and smoky balsamic notes. The palate has a sweet side, but it expresses nicely balanced. Medium body, sweet tannin and well integrated alcohol and acidity.

Why: This expressive red wine is also just 13% abv. It is low for these deep flavours, which makes this wine lighter for you without any compromise on flavour!

With what: pizza, pasta salad, chicken; this wine is quite versatile as it has needed freshness to be paired with lighter dishes and white meats, but also with richer stews if you do not want to overpower the meal.

La Malkerida Bobal 2015 Utiel-Requena, Spain


Spanish red wine that has a refreshing acidity and finesse to its red fruit flavours. Bobal grapes, after being almost forgotten, have inspired these winemakers to bring pure 100% Bobal wine to your table. It will carry enough personality and character to be enjoyed. 

Why: Bobal shines through this red wine really well - it is lighter than your usual reds from south of Spain, both in flavour intensity and alcohol (only 12.5% abv). It is an elegant red that is not more than medium bodied to be enjoyed slightly chilled.

With what: think of lighter red meat dishes, cured meats and tapas style banquet. The wine is versatile to be enjoyed with vegetarian dishes too, it will add some fresh red berry flavours to your meal.

Armador Syrah 2014 Odfjell, Chile


This Chilean organic Syrah displays ultra ripe fruit that manages to combine great depth and richness with clear and precise underlying acidity. Oak underpins that dark blackcurrant and blackberry fruit and sweet spice. 

Why: rich and powerful but still softly textured, this wine is another triumph for Chile. Expect red and black fruit flavours to be very ripe and thus overall this wine tastes just slightly on a sweeter side.

With what: Great with all red meat dishes like stews and casseroles or a simple pizza with rich meaty or cheesy toppings if cooking is not part of the plan.

Mas Picosa 2014 Celler Capcanes Montsant, Spain


This organic red from Montsant, Spain is medium ruby with hints of violets, red fruit aromas, spicy cake. The flavours are ripe and nicely concentrated.

Why: it is what Grenache is all about: a lot fruit, not heavy but medium finish and ripe, sweet tannins. The wine has freshness to it too.

With what: You are spoilt for choice here with possible food matches to this wine. You can think of lamb, chicken, BBQ, sausages, pizza, pasta, herby stews and casseroles.

Lignum Negre 2010 Albet I Noya, Penedes, Spain


This organic red wine displays some fresh acidity and nice raspberry and raspberry leaf fruit. There's good concentration - the grapes are grown on the oldest part of the vineyards where the soil is poorest.

Why: delicious plums and cherries on a palate with well integrated vanilla from its time in oak. Everything is balanced on medium levels of body and concentration making this wine more elegant than some robust neighbours in Penedes.

With what: Spanish tapas should be quite robust to be matched well with this wine (maybe Spanish meatballs if you fancy?), good cold cuts and cheeses will be great.

Overall verdict on our sweet spot organic wines between £11-£15:

As you can see there is a lot of attractive bottles from Spain that offer great value for money with those delicious organic wines. Zebro Tinto sells really well and included in one of our Wine Club cases - have a look if you fancy to join us and save on organic wine. La Biancara Masieri Garganega is part of a few sulphite free wine cases and it is in general our natural wine bestseller - it offers a great combination of flavours, ultimately natural winemaking techniques and a passional winemaker behind it (he is also a President of Italian Natural Winemaking Association VinNatur). 

We truly hope you find this review useful. Please let us know what do you think of any of these wines. Cheers

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