10 Simple Ways How to Relax, Say No To Stress & Have a Great Evening

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How to relax: 10 simple ways to relieve stress

Humanity has learned sciences and robotics with the aim to make our lives easier, but along the way it has forgotten how to relax...

You came home from work or a very difficult business meeting. If you are on our website there is a big chance I’d be correct assuming that you head straight to your drinks cabinet or a wine rack and pour yourself a glass of something delicious.

I am not here to judge anyone, especially knowing I was like you for many years. Still am on some days. This lifestyle titbit is about my own journey to find ways how to relax, not necessarily with alcohol, and some learnings from advice featured in tons of newspaper articles and magazines that I’ve tried along the way.

Wine is a drink for a happy state. Yet we do not need to rely on it all the time. It could be quite a weird thing to say on the website that sells organic wine, but we are huge supporters of 'drink less but better wines' motto, so here are my 10 simple ways how to relieve stress, how to relax and have a very relaxed evening.

10 ways how to relax: be mindful about your eating and drinking, meditation and relaxation techniques

  • Stress, more stress... 
    I'd say, do not go to mental illness, do not cross ’that turning point’. Simply do not treat your body and mind with piles of stress. If you feel that it is becoming ‘too much’ or ‘quite unbearable’, simply pause for a bit.
    During that pause opt for
    a) a very quick breathing exercise by simply inhaling fro a count of 4 and exhaling for 4, repeat a few times and simply follow the breath and chill well or
    b) a proper meditation.
    The latter should not intimidate you, you can try a set of 10 guided meditations through Headspace app for free and see it for yourself. I find it extremely useful as it trains your mind. You will be able to relax quicker, better and would be able to get the negativity out of your mind. Passion is contagious but anxiety as well. Try Ahimsa Meditation and Meditate to switch off. 
  • To offer you additional help, so you can train your attention and become more mindful towards what you eat and drink, we have teamed up with Peace Of Mind School, which offers a simple course with tutor and community support for just $19 a year.
  • There is a happiest man on Earth, his name is Matthieu and he has been giving a TED talk on happiness. According to him, the main thing that you need to do is simply to be grateful.
    Sounds easy isn’t it?
    Well, I don’t know how it will work for you - you can scribble 3 affirmations, things or people are you grateful for or just go through it mentally. Yet it really works. Do that for a few consecutive days and you will start feeling the results.
  • Journalling is similar to the previous tip, but not limited to what you actually put there. You can start you day with it and write down your positive affirmations or on contrary finish your day with some achievements and things to think about. What it does is that you are simply offloading things from your mind. You stop this mental chatter and feel better
  • Yoga, running, push-ups, you name it! Physical exercise is not just better for your body, it helps your mind to focus on the task at hand and switch off.
  • Water! Whenever you feel stressed - mentally or physically, simply get a glass of water and hydrate your body whilst visualising how good it is for you. You will feel better.
  • Don’t you think we can drink a bit too much not necessarily as a result of a stress or over excitement, but simply because we are bored?
    Read a book, get a new hobby (molecular cuisine, anyone?), call your friend (we never have time for that, so why not do it just now).
    Just a thought - if you do like wine, why not to study it? Organic Wine Club is an accredited programme provider for the Internationally renowned WSET (Wines and Spirits Education Trust) and offers wine courses and qualifications. Why not to read about a popular grape variety or a winemaking region for a few days and then reward yourself with the practice session and taste the wine using their Systematic Approach to Tasting? Who said education could not be fun? Discover our wine school here.
  • Do not fancy anything above because you are also very tired? Run yourself a nice bath, with salts or aromatic foam or simply one with an interesting or silly magazine or some music. Eucalyptus essential oil is proven to be a good way how to relax.
  • Open your fridge or cupboard and dig out a soft drink, prepare a mocktail (my favourite is a mix of sugar free cranberry juice and tonic water). Simply have a cup of tea (potentially caffeine free tea as it's bedtime soon)
  • Do not drink just before going to bed as it disrupts your sleep. To make sure you have a very relaxing bedtime simply get it airy, cozy and free from noisy mobile phones. I am sure you already have your own rituals, so just follow what works.
  • Be mindful how you eat, what you eat and savour every bite! When we are stressed or simply do not have time, we eat whilst checking emails and that’s just stripping our lives from that extra enjoyment we take from food. If that happens we also can consume far too many glasses of wine without noticing the favours and aromas. Next time you are sitting down for dinner simply give yourself some extra time to relax and really enjoy the flavours. You will start eating and drinking less, but enjoy wine and food better. There is a Zen saying: when you drink, just drink, when you walk, just walk.
  • How to relax: simplicity is key!

    Being happy is about ‘being’. It means that you start living in the moment and enjoying life to the full. If wine is driving you someplace else - stop! Yet if that glass of wine will focus you away from some nasty thoughts and stress, get to the happier place with that one glass.

    Relaxation thus is not a thing you do, it is about simply ‘being’. You are as you are. Enjoy it. Oscar Wilde said ‘Life is not complex, we are complex. Life is simple and simple thing is a right thing'. 

    Don’t you think it is so true. As I mentioned in the beginning, humanity has progressed technologically in so many ways, presumably to make our lives better, yet we are getting an opposite result - more and more stress. When we simplify things and go back to basics - breathing, taking some extra time for relaxation and meditation, spending time with the loved ones, we truly live, as we are in the moment, or as athletes say, ‘in the zone’. 

    Therefore your relaxation techniques do not need to be complicated.

    Maori agreed with the above by saying: turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.

    How to relax: breathing, meditation and plenty of water

    Verdict on How To Relax:

    Breathe (or better meditate) and have a glass of water (or better two). If you are still really after a glass of wine, go for it. Simple but mindful.

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