3 organic wines on the budget: cheap & outstandingly cheerful Spanish wine

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3 wines on the budget: good organic wine

Cheap and cheerful wine? Not here!

Everyone loves a bargain, right? Cheap is a word that seems to have dual meaning. It covers things that are inexpensive but it also seems to now cover things that are of poor quality. But surely that doesn’t cover everything.

Lets consider Spanish wine for a minute, obviously! If you go to the supermarket and see a bottle of wine on special offer for £3.99. What rings in your head? Well, for me it would be how many can I buy! I would add it to my trolley and then have second thoughts at the check-out as I would be wondering how bad must this taste and what is my head going to feel like tomorrow. Sound familiar?

So why do we do it? Why do we accept the fact that we must buy this? Is it because we always trust the supermarket to give us top quality for bargain price when we have our head and our gut telling us you will hate yourself in the morning.

You do pay the price for quality, look at the supermarkets themselves, top and bottom of the scale. So what about organic wine and even food? Yes it is true that there is a difference in price, but that’s not to do with simply being organic, it is about its availability. Organic wines, in particular, are generally harvested from vineyards with considerably smaller plots, therefore the price goes up slightly compared to the vast acres where grapes are simply hoovered out of millions of vines.

Does it always mean quality though? Definitely not! Most of the time I think I have one of the best jobs in the world, but sometimes you have days where you open a new sample bottle of wine and you can smell the awfulness of the wine before your even poured your small little tasting measure. Well small-ish!

So what do you do and how can Organic Wine Club help? As all of our wines are tried and tasted, a few times over, we have managed to pick some of the most amazing organic wines. I will admit that they are not £3.99 but a marginal extra couple of pounds will give you some amazing and truly memorable wines. Our table wine collection of everyday organic wines has several premixed cases with wines under £9.90. So here is a couple of my thoughts and a few wine tasting notes for you to have a look at. By some coincidence all three bottles are Spanish wine, so it probably shows how accessible Spanish wine is not on the market.

Campo Flores Blanco, Macabeo, £7.90

What a find this one was! As I mentioned before, I saw the price of this and thought this is going to be awful. Then I saw the label, I was 99% sure I will hate this. But in one of those very rare occasions I was very pleasantly surprised.

Its very floral and aromatic, and its very green too! It is like a cabbage patch doll sitting in a gooseberry field. But then the fruit hits you, grapefruit and ripe pear balancing the acidity and keeping it dry and gently fruity without being sweet and feeling like a carton of Umbongo.

This really is just one of those nice and comforting wines that you can always rest assured will hit the spot. It really is a simple wine and incredibly versatile. Plus it comes in a red variety too, which I took to a few barbeques last summer. I was never disappointed with this Spanish wine.

Familia Pacheco, Monastrell & Syrah, £9.90

Monastrell and Syrah, not really top of mind grapes for me. So, imagine what it is like to then mix them together. It was quite typical in colour. What I expected it to be in a deep red colour verging on a ruby tint. Sticking my big nose into the glass, it was again what I knew to expect, lots of red berries, a little balsamic and just the tiniest hint of pepper.

But like everything, it’s all in the taste. Assuming for a distinctly averagely tasting wine with all the flavour profiles to be there, again I was surprised. Not only because I was trying to be analytical as I knew it shouldn’t have been for me, but I liked it! Its quite fresh with some very smooth tannins. As expected all the fruit flavours were there, ripe red fruits, cherries, plums, raspberries. It just envelops you and draws you in with its warmth and makes you like it, whether you want too or not!

There is no denying that this wine is special. But it can hold its own! Take this to your mum for Sunday lunch and she might love you a little but more. Great Spanish wine without tapping into the overdraft!

Gran Cerdo, Tempranillo from Rioja Alta £9.90

So I’m sure we have all seen the rags to riches film Enchanted with Drew Barrymore. A little girl losses her dad, falls to rags an evil step mother ruling the roost and bursts back into life to marry her Prince with the help of her Fairy Godmother. Well kind of, Leonardo Di Vinci!

This wine has exactly that, but swap out the evil step mother for a greedy banker, and a Fairy Godmother for loving and supportive friends and family. So here is the fairytale of this wine.

The current owner of this vineyard had inherited by a son after a few years of poor yields and sadly a little neglect due to the poor health of his father. He went to bank to ask for a loan to get the vineyard back to its former glory. The bank said no, and here the Fairy Godmother comes in. After rallying round friends, family and local wine connoisseurs he managed to get a truly remarkable batch of wine to sell and has continued to flourish ever since. Without any assistance for the bank.

The label of this wine says it all. The pig supposedly represents the bankers. There is a certain hand gesture that springs to mind, but enough said!

Lets get to the wine! I was desperate to try this wine after hearing the story. I was so inspired by the tale I really wanted the wine to live up to the hype of the story. Trust me it more than did! A Spanish red wine made from 100% Tempranillo really need to be special. After all its one of the most commonly planted grapes in Spain. Juicy and fruity it does not disappoint. It has a herby nose with some gently minerals on the finish. There is no oak involved here, so it is not mature but rather playful!

For me this really is the perfect Wednesday Wine, and Tuesday, sometimes Monday and Thursday. Spanish wine shouldn't be just a synonym of Rioja, these 3 organic wines are of great value and this is all this Spanish wine is about. Cheers!!

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