4 Redentore Wines You Need to Try: Our October Natural Wine Stars

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Redentore wines - our October Natural Wine Stars

Since we started working here at Organic Wine Club, we have tried to keep you up to date on some of our exceptional wines with a regular piece on our Organic Stars. But, like life, sometimes you are thrown a curve ball. Which is currently the situation we have found ourselves in. We have been trying to talk about a potential stand out wine. Instead however we ended up disagreeing on 2 wines from the same range. So, in the ever-immortal words of the lovable Snagglepuss, enter stage left, the Redentore wine range!

Redentore, what is there to say about these wines? We love them and we believe that the world is indebted to the exceptional talents of an ingenious winemaker, Dr Alessandro di Stefani!

Back in November last year, we first discovered this brand when we began stocking their natural and no sulphites added Pinot Grigio. What a find that was! It has been our best-selling white wine every month since we first added it to the shelves. It has out sold so many of our other wines that I often wonder if we simply sold Redentore Pinot Grigio we would probably still survive as a business!

I have spent, maybe too many, Sunday afternoons sitting in a beer garden with friends quaffing an almost unlimited number of bottles of very neutral and bland pinot g’s. But who cares when all you’re doing is filling your glass with a watery like substance, that’s already filled with ice and a straw. Obviously with lovely shoes!

Redentore Pinot Grigio however is so intrepidly different. Imagine a filtered image on Instagram of a beautiful glass of crisp white wine that has a delightful glaze that appears too just shimmers in the summer sunshine. Then that is exactly what you get when you when you pour a glass of this wine made with no added sulphites for you and you friends.

How do you describe this wine, well as a wine geek with a limited, but ever-increasing knowledge, it’s just great! There is an insatiable level of crispness, that’s coupled with some sweet apple flavours, gentle zest with a delicate toasted almond finish. What can I say, I am learning!

After falling in love with this wine, we have however since discovered that they in fact have an entire range of wines consisting of 3 organic white wines, 4 organic red wines and an organic Prosecco that are all made with no added sulphites either! But where do you start with describing these wines. We honestly didn’t know so we decided to write about them all!

So, let’s rush along to the others, Redentore Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and, curiously, Chardonnay. All well planted and well known international grape varieties, but they are not something that you would expect to be grown so fabulously in Italy and all with no added sulphites!

Redentore Merlot, consider a French Merlot for a moment. Normally very light, I will assume very well made, so generous fruit flavours that can be understated possibly with some minerality to replace the tannins. But what of this Italian version, that just so happens to have a French twist, bigger and bolder with an intense delicacy. Whilst it could be described as smoother than silk, and it really is, this merlot has lots mixed fruit flavours of dark cherries and ripe plums make this wine just glow with all of the great fruits of an Italian Barbera. Whatever you know about merlot, you need to try this wine because it will blow you away!

Keeping the French wines in mind, let’s have a kiki about the Redentore Sauvignon Blanc. Sometimes an ice-cold sauvignon blanc from the Loire Valley is just the thirst quenching beverage that any adult needs, not unlike something from Marlborough, New Zealand. This sauvignon blanc is green, but that makes it so unexpected, but pleasantly surprising I do completely realise why I love it. The freshness on the nose and palate is only complimented by the mixed citrus of apple and lime, with a delectable grass and asparagus finish. I wonder where I left that straw earlier!

As a point of reference, the Redentore range of wines is actually named after the annual and highly internationally regarded festival in Venice, the Festa del Redentore. In what is the most anticipated festivals in Venice this festival is about celebrating so many different parts of history of the canal city. Originally a feast to celebrate the end of the plague in the city, it was followed later by the celebration Il Redentore, a small church on the island of Giudella. The hour-long fireworks is a modern day addition to this age old celebration.

But when you find a Chardonnay that you actually not just like but love, the fireworks are a very welcome thought! In the past, customers have wandered into our store an asked for chardonnay. Every time this happens I have always had the same reaction, I make my sad chardonnay face. Until very recently!

As the old phrase goes, I have saved the best, and insanely surprising, till last: Redentore Chardonnay. As I am sure from reading the last few lines and anything else I may have written, I have had an intense hatred of chardonnay, even to the point where I would rather not drink wine. As retailers though, we need to try and approve the wines. So, someone get me the spittoon and quickly!  Actually Manuel, hold that just where you are.

If ever there was a wine that made me want to rethink my entire life’s choices it was this. This wine has all the best and most exceptional flavours that are just so a-typical and heart-warming. With the fruit flavours of a Grillo and sauvignon blanc and the minerality of Xarel-lo and Macabeo and then finishing with the best combination of Gavi and Soave ever imagined, this wine has the most incredibly intelligent complexity, with extreme simplicity it can only be described to embody the great ambiguity of Leonardo da Vinci’s infamous image of the smile of Mona Lisa.

There really is no way to sum up this wine, and indeed this range. What I do know, is I think the wine I wanted to scream about from the roof tops is slightly obvious and my chardonnay is waiting at home on the fridge chilling!

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Roger Thorpe
Roger Thorpe

October 20, 2017

I love the Pinot Grigio and will now try the rest.
With this write-up; how can I not!!.

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