6 Best Organic Wines Your Special Dinner Party Deserves

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Selection of 6 best organic wines in Organic Wine Club wine list

This elusive adjective of best.. This is the best organic wine in our opinion?

If you take the recommendations to wine tasting that have been developed by WSET (you can learn them in one of our taught WSET wine courses), you assess each wine  from many standpoints and criteria. If all components of how the wine looks, smells and tastes like are top notch, we need to pronounce that organic wine as the best one! That goes even if a taster isn’t really a fan of a particular style. Hence some objectivity here is important.

We’ve got a selection of 6 wines that are considered to be the best organic wines in their class.

Let’s look a bit closer to this selection:

We start with English sparkling wine made by Limney Estate at Davenport Vineyards in East Sussex. This organic wine will delight even the most critical sparkling wine fans. It is made by traditional method that is used by prestigious Champagne houses and it means that you get the complexity, biscuity creaminess and elegant yet pronounced fruit. Perfect for the most exclusive parties and celebrations. You are not only drinking one of the best organic wines, you are supporting passionate local business.

Let's move swiftly to an amazing organic white wine. Quite surpassingly for many, this one comes from Portugal, just outside of Lisbon and grown very close to the idea on the soils that are rich in shells. Hence Vale da Capucha Branco Blend has a fossil on the label - yet it also influenced the wine: this richer in style organic white wine has some salinity from the ocean, rich minerality and also robust fruit flavours. This organic winery is renowned to use local grape varieties so nobody expects you to recognise these two: Fernao Pires and Arinto.

Melville Pinot Noir from sunny and warm California is quite a rare find, yet the ocean comes to rescue once again. Located just 10 miles away from Pacific, this organic winery enjoys some cool sites where this Pinot Noir is grown. Amazingly complex, elegant and juicy Pinot Noir that delights with such a wide array of flavours - from floral to red fruit, from herbal to some woody notes. All lovers of this grape variety should not miss to try this organic Pint Noir.

Mamuthone Cannonau by Giuseppe Sedilesu is our recent addition to the organic wine list. It comes from the same winery that has produced our bestselling Cannonau Sartiu, yet in this case it has been matured in oak for an extra year and the grapes are coming from a small designated plot, which is regarded by this organic vineyard as the best. Rich in phenolics and antioxidants and coming from our mother Earth ‘blue spot’ - Sardinia -  one of the highest proportion of centenarians on the planet, this delightful organic red wine is worth every penny and more.

Plan de Dieu, or God’s Plan, is an award-winning red wine from a prestigious village within Cotes du Rhone Villages. Back in 2016 it had enjoyed its place in Top-10 Rhone reds in Decanter magazine and just one organic red wine from Rhone there. When you think about that classic region, you want your wine to be juicy with red and black fruit, rich with herbs (rosemary, thyme) and smooth. This wine delivers this completely. Enjoy it with lamb, game and coq-au-vin, consider it to your rich veggie dishes like vegan lasagna.

Abel Mendoza Rioja made with no added sulphites has been reviewed before as our Natural Wine Star and if you are keen to know more about why this natural Rioja is so awesome, enjoy our extended organic wine review.

As a quick summary, please expect juicy red fruit flavours and some sweet spice, i.e. vanilla, so everything is what to be expected. Yet this wine is so fresh as it was not preserved with any sulphites, so you will get a living and vibrant Rioja. It might rock your world if you’d never tried natural Rioja wine before!

Please let us know how you get on with any of these wines, which were modestly marked as the best organic wines in our wine list. Should you wish some of yours that you’ve bought and loved, simply send your notes to us please. Cheers

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