8 Delicious organic wines under £10

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Organic wines under £10 - great selection of affordable and great tasting organic wines

We have mentioned it already - organic wine does not need to break the bank. Read more about 6 most popular myths about organic wines here (it is also our most read article).

For the ones that do not believe it, we have decided to review some of our amazing organic wines which retail under £10. As with the other organic wines we have also provided with our thoughts on why they are worth your attention and what can they be served with.

Organic September is almost over, but it doesn't mean you cannot go and explore even more organic wine flavours. 

Let's go! NB: All of the following organic wines are in stock and under £10 at the time of publishing this organic wine review.

Vina Elena Familia Pacheco


Very juicy and rich blend Monastrell and Syrah. This organic wine is dark red-maroon in colour. You can smell red berry aromas on the nose, flavours are followed by a light touch of balsamic.

Why: Familia Pacheco Organic is a balanced, full-bodied, fresh wine enhanced by seasoned tannins and the reoccuring traces of ripe fruit.

With what: delicious with tapas, roast meats and cheese

Domaine de Brau Viognier 2015 Languedoc France


'Pure' brand is a huge success of this Domaine de Brau. They do amazing single varietals and this organic Viognier is great - aromas are generously floral and of peach and honeysuckle in particular. The palate is dense with notes of honey and lots of attractive yellow plum and other ripe stone fruit. This organic wine is made in limited quantities, the domaine now has to ration out its production each year. Great to see this family-run estate so committed to organics doing so well.

Why: it is a substantial white wine to enjoy slowly as it has balance but also sweet and acidic contrast. Really pleasant aromas. Rich and fuller bodied than expected.

With what: think of Moroccan chicken tagine, creamy curries and rich shellfish dishes. We also love it with pad thai.

Domaine de Brau ZE Rose 2014 Languedoc, France 


A rosé wine with plenty of substance: good blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Consult grapes.

Why: organic grapes that are fully ripe and enjoyed southern French sun; resulting organic rose wine is robust and juicy. Flavours have noticeable peppery character.

With what: definitely a food rose wine, what about constructing a platter of your favourite charcuterie (parma ham, jamon or even a mild pate or terrine)? Mouthwatering thought!

Enoomah Bore Viognier 2010 South Australia


Again Viognier and this time the wine is lighter, cleaner and expresses some typical orchard fruit nose. It is an easy going, well-textured, and creamy dry white with gentle ripeness, good balance and obvious charm. 

Why: it is certified vegan wine and in this case it is not just to put a stamp on the bottle - this wine will match with some fragrant and spicy vegan dishes really well. Sweetish character of Viognier will create a good balance but also contrast.

With what: if you are eating vegan food or just want to try a week of vegan only, this wine will make your dishes sing! We love its simplicity (it will not overpower your food), but good body to cope with thai and most Asian-inspired dishes.

Graciano Bodegas Parra Jimenez, Castilla La Mancha, Spain


This unusually mono-varietal Graciano wine is made from a special parcel of grapes, fermented and aged in stainless steel vats. Organic red wine that has a deep ruby red colour with generous aromas of plum and black cherry.

Why: we find this wine very flavoursome and thus an amazing value for money. Flavours have notes of prunes, dates and savoury elements that are 'cleverly' backed up with gutsy tannins. The wine is certified biodynamic. See our guide to biodynamic wine if you want to learn more.

With what: rich charcuterie, flavourful cheeses and our own favourite is paella (prepare one with meat or chicken instead of mussels).

Verdejo Bodegas Parra Jimenez La Mancha, Spain  


We have another wine from the same producer, this time it is made from organic Verdejo. Spanish Verdejo is rightly fashionable at present especially when it's made in a clean, fresh style like this offering from organic pioneers the Parra brothers. Made in a lighter style than some with clean ripe fruit and an easy approachability. It shows lovely floral aspects, a little spice and appealing freshly mown grass characters. 

Why: as Graciano, this wine is biodynamic and also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. We have offered it for so many tastings and sold out everything each time! Actions speak louder than words, don't you think?

With what: some salads with green papaya, other tropical fruit and some crunchy onions - a vibrant wine will be a great accompaniment for your vegetarian cooking adventures. You can do light fish dishes and some simple chicken too. Just do not do anything too creamy!

Campo Flores Blanco 2015, La Mancha, Spain 


A lot of thought was given to our most affordable wines - we have both white and red from this brand. Both at £8.5 price tag. Great value for so much fruit! This organic Macabeo is a bright straw yellow wine. Vibrant fresh but intense pear, peach flavours with citrus fruit and a hint of grapefruit. Quite floral and aromatic.

Why: whilst it will not blow your mind with complexity, it will definitely delight with its fruitiness and fresh citrus. Aromatic white wine that will be a great hit - it is all organic certified from Spain and ready to be enjoyed for any of your delightful parties. Some chilled bottles of this wine will definitely will not break the bank, but will look great on your table as its label made from recycled paper and certification is prominently displayed.

With what: this fruity white wine does not need a specific recommendation - it is great as an aperitif, with light canapés, or with almonds and light charcuterie. The main focus will be on your guests and food! You can prep grilled shrimps, mango salad, goat's cheese and battered fish. Oh, fish and chips will be so awesome with this one. 

Barbera 2015 Alessandrino, Valli Unite, Italy (no added sulphites)


Natural wine made with no added sulphites is made of Barbera and has fragrances of smoke and stone with a hint of ripe cherries. Great concentration of juicy fruit on the palate. Fresh tannins and a light dry finish.

Why: we love organic wines made with no added sulphites. They are better for you, your liver and are generally living wines that are expressive and exciting. It is hard to find great tasting bottles for this value, but we've managed to secure this straightforward and juicy natural Barbera for you.

With what: very versatile natural wine, pair it with poultry, lamb and also spicy pan-Asian cuisine.

Organic wines under £10: Organic Wine Club verdict

Which organic wine sparked your imagination and made you think 'Oh, I'd try that!'? We think that these 8 wines - either you are a white wine fan or red wine connoisseur, are all worth trying. Domaine de Brau and Bodegas Parra Jimenez are represented by 2 wines each, some unusual bottles here as well. If you have never tried natural wines made with no added sulphites (some spell it sulfites), it is a great opportunity for you to do so. Please let us know what you've tried them with - we make sure to update this review with your favourited food matches as well. Cheers

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