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Posted on 21 May, 2018 by Jack Barbour | 0 comments

So we've all been there at some point, that dreaded part of being an adult and forced to deal with the age verification process, or as it's more commonly known, being ID'd! It's not a nice thing, trust me I know! Staff are trained to to make to seem like a compliment that you look so young.

But why is this necessary? Well there is a few reasons for this, mainly that its the law, but also that as a retailer of alcohol, we really should feel a certain level of responsibility when it comes to who we are selling our wares too. I may not have made any secret of my past, but when I consider what I used to get up too, it's a frightening prospect. Looking at the apps and filters you can add to phones, tablets and computers, life should be relatively easier for parents.

The process of age verification is easy for us in Worcester Park in our retail store. If you are fortunate enough to look under 25 years old, I will ask you for proof of your age. But what happens when we send a unmarked box of wines to an address with a national courier. Does the burden of proof of age then fall with the drivers delivering that box, or should it? Verifying this shouldn't stop at the threshold of our store, it should be taken with exceptional and paramount importance for every purchase regardless of your location. 

So, from Monday 21st May 2018, Organic Wine Club will take this to a different level as we will begin asking for you to verify your age for online purchases. This will come in the form of credit card information, drivers licence or passport information in extreme cases. After fully checking data feeds, storage information and hackability, I am fully confident that the AgeCheck system is safe, full proof and will not do anything with any data submitted. Well actually thats not true, they will not store, sell or use your information in any way, ever!

Personally age has blessed me as I have aged, I think, but even I know what kind of a pain this can be! But as a responsible retailer, Organic Wine Club wants to lead the way in assisting with this social issue and do what really should be done by anyone in a position similar to ours.

How does it work, well you will only be asked once and once you have been verified it should be no problem. You may be asked for an additional piece of information when you are at the check-out page, but thats it. If this is something that you cannot do for whatever reason, we can assist you directly. If you have any concerns, we are also happy to listen and address those. Whilst we accept that this decision may turn some customers away, we ant to stand by our social values and make sure that Organic Wine Club is responsible 100% of the time. 

Thank you, and our contact information if you need it:

020 8337 3427 / 07931 560612

40 Central Road, Worcester Park, London, KT4 8HY

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