An Indie Retailer's Response to Black Friday

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Black Friday at Organic Wine Club

So Black Friday is almost upon us! It has never a date that we've ever set out to remember, but there is a point in November when your inbox is bombarded with emails that has headers like:


Honestly, why do we really need to have so many sales?

However, now that we need to adhere to this phenomenon from the perspective as a retailer, all we see is that huge brands with mega warehouses across the world get a chance to clear their shelves, make way for next season and still probably make some kind of profit. So, what happens when you are a small local business, when every order matters and your margins are simply fair?

Should we just embrace Black Friday, jump on the band wagon and accept the huge loss that we know we will end up occurring?

No! We at Organic Wine Club we are saying NO to Black Friday and Cyber Monday! They are not the events that support sustainable businesses. 

As a small organic wine retailer, we do absolutely everything that we possibly can to offer the best possible quality wines for the best possible value, all year round.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Organic Wine Club 

This year, we want to do something different. 

We will make a £5 donation from every pre-mixed case of wine that we sell to The Cybersmile Foundation.

Why this charity?

The Cybersmile Foundation is an exceptional non-profit organisation offers help and support to victims and relatives affected by the sadly growing trend of digital abuse and cyber bullying. 

We are sure that most people will know someone who has been affected by this. Our lives are increasingly dependent on cool tech and gadgets. Bullies and haters move from the playgrounds to the office and to websites where they get to anonymously inflict some terrible and shocking difficulties and traumas on people, families and communities.

Help us to stand up and make a difference by not only supporting small local businesses, but by choosing to allow us to donate for one of the best possible reasons.

Here is a taster of our bestselling premixed cases of organic wine, but feel free to browse a whole range at our Cases page.

If you would like to donate to The Cybersmile Foundation separately please chick here.

Many thanks for your support!

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