An Introduction to Mindfulness and Wine

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Have you ever found yourself finishing off a few large glasses of wine, or dare I say, a whole bottle?

Maybe your busy and stressful and schedule encourages you to create a small cabinet with a few bottles of wine, which dares you celebrate getting home with a glass of any wine?

I think many can relate to this, I was enslaved to this routine for a decade! It wasn’t funny to think how much money I must have spent on all that vino during those years without ever noticing much of the flavours. My liver had to work a good few hours of overtime so that I could simply treat myself for the stress. It is definitely not the way forward, not for seasoned adults, but also not for young professionals either. We should aim to drink for enjoyment, right around the time when we really want to have a glass of delicious wine.

Try to recall your last glass or two. Did you really want those or were they just a pleasurable distraction? I would rephrase our slogan of ‘Drink less but drink better wine. Drink organic’, to ‘Drink when you really want to enjoy’.

Now there would be situations when you really need something else rather than a drink. If you feel low or stressed, there is nothing better than support from yourself called self-compassion. You can accept the situation, don’t judge yourself, think about the viable solutions, and then let it go. Have a daily truth, do a quick 5-10 minutes of meditation to calm and centre yourself or have a walk in the fresh air to switch off from your problem. Call a friend, it is much more productive than creating a habit of escaping with wine.

I would offer a suggestion that your goal should be developing a more holistic approach – a healthier relationship with wine. It is much easier than you may think!

First, let's just pause for a minute and examine what kind of wine you buy or your next bottle of wine you’d buy. We have created lots of useful guides on grape varieties and pairing wine with food,  so you are already sorted there.

You also know now that not recommended to save a few extra pounds on wine and go below the £10 price tag really. You will get a lot more chemicals, sulphites added, sugars and other nasty additives.

That is why our first and foremost recommendation is to opt for natural wine, each time you go for a mindful drink. Each time you buy a bottle of natural wine, you are standing up for passionate winemaking, fair conditions for grape growers and healthier produce for yourself!

Similarly, if you care that your natural wine is also produced without any animal-derived materials, then opt for a bottle from our vegan wine collection.

The first thought about what you are drinking starts at the wine shop or online retailer – check out the well-written tasting notes, read more about the wine you are going to enjoy, ‘meet’ the winemakers behind it (even if that means simply a little online research).

Bought a wonderful bottle of natural wine? Be grateful for the wine inside the bottle, there is plenty of reasons! We are grateful to the growers, to winemakers, but also to the greatness of nature – our soil, sun and rain. That is why we are passionate about organic – it is just better for everyone to preserve and care for the environment.

Finally, to the whole concept of mindfulness, it is quite simple really. All I ask is that you pay attention. Don’t just gulp it down and then pour yourself another one. Don’t distract yourself with TV or anything similar – pay attention to your glass of wine.

Start by taking a pause – take a good breath before you drink and appreciate its colour. Give thanks or toast to something or someone. After another pause, smell the wine. Aromas are very important as we have more receptors in our nose than we do in our mouth. After another pause, take a sip, swirl a little and enjoy the complexity of flavours. You can experiment a take a few sips with different types of food. That is another exciting experience too!

Oscar Wilde once said, ‘life is not complex, we are complex’.                               

Life is simple, and the simple thing is the right things. At Organic Wine Club, we invite you to join us on our delicious journey to enjoy natural wine mindfully. As you can see, it is not difficult – you just need to pay attention to it.

To offer you additional help, so you can train your attention and become more mindful towards what you eat and drink, we have teamed up with Peace Of Mind School, which offers a simple course with tutor and community support for just $19 a year. 

We toast to your health with gratitude for your kind reviews of our wines.


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