Christmas food & wine pairing suggestions. Drink better, drink organic wine!

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Christmas food and wine pairings: turkey, goose, duck, beef, veggie, asian-inspired, cheese, dessert.

Organic Wine Club is looking forward to a delicious Christmas and some delicious organic wines to help it be even happier. We've prepared some wine recommendations for you to match with your Christmas dinner. The below tit-bits post is to pin point some fantastic wines that will match perfectly to any of your Christmas courses. We've selected amazing organic wines that will be an obvious but super tasty choice, something a bit light and something more unusual. Let's explore!

canapés salmon - wine recommendations

Canapés and starters

Are you thinking about entertaining in style with aperitif wines or provide some starters with lighter wines. Delicate flavours, mouthwatering recipes - they all need good wines to match and not to overpower the food. We have selected the following 3 organic wines: 1 sparkling and 2 relatively neutral wine wines that you can opt for. 



Fish courses - wine recommendations  

Fish courses

This will need a bit more consideration as you need to think more carefully about the type of fish you are going to cook and also how you are going to serve your fish. Our 3 pairings reflect that: if you are thinking about a creamy sauce, you need a richer wine to match: Chilean Chardonnay Reserva is a good one for such occasion. For lighter and more delicate white fish we recommend organic Sancerre, it cannot simply disappoint any foodie! Lastly, if you are thinking about meatier fish (fillets of swordfish or tuna steak) you can go adventurous and try our lightest natural red wine from Italy!

Asian inspired Christmas and wine pairings 

Asian-inspired dishes

Don't we like Asian spices - we add these fantastic flavour enhancers quite often to our dishes. Asian banquet, be it for starters or part of a main course will be a tasty addition to your menu. Which wines to buy to match them perfectly to Asian-inspired menu? We recommend to go with either similarly vibrant, off-dry and aromatic whites like Viognier, or more contrasting German Riesling. A juicy natural Barbera can be a surprising choice, but it has some bitterness and sour cherry notes that will create a fantastic flavour combination with you meatier Asian dishes. 

Vegetarian Christmas - wine match 

Veggie dishes

We have an increasing number of people who are vegetarians, vegans or simply prefer to cut meat from their menus a bit more often. In many respects when it comes to wine pairing, the combinations are similar to Asian meals - the wines need to be either same delicate or on contrary contrasting and vibrant. We have selected a bottle of aromatic Torrontes-Chardonnay from Argentina, a more elegant English organic white wine from East Sussex and a very perfumed red from South West of France. If you are thinking about spending hours preparing vegetarian wellington, opt for the vibrant but light red - it will match with proteins in chestnuts and pastry just a bit better.

Christmas turkey and wine match  


A classic, a popular choice and so versatile with wine. We have recommended a rather rich white from Portugal, another classic - New Zealand Pinot Noir from Marlborough, a Highly Commended by Decanter magazine and organic of course; or a natural red wine from Ventoux made of classic Rhone blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre.

Duck for Christmas - wine match recommendations  

Duck & Goose

Richer and fattier game meats will need some proper wine match. You can opt for a delicate yet complex Pinot Noir, a bestselling Malbec from Cahors that is bursting with fruit and herbal notes or to open a heavy-weight bombastic red. What would you prefer?



Roast Beef for Christmas - wine matches  


Roasting your beef and serving it with traditional trimmings is such a satisfying thing to do on a Christmas Day. Regardless how you like you beef, medium rare or more to well-done you should choose a red which can pair well with this protein-rich meal. We like juicy and fruit-bursting bottles, some with just a bit of oak and some with those punchy strawberry-balsamic notes like our Fatalone Primitivo.



Christmas pudding - recommendations for wine match   


Christmas pudding.. love it or hate it, but there is always wine to serve with it. Obvious choices are of course sweeter wines and we have a great examples of full size 0.75 ml bottle from Anjou which is sweet, an off-dry Muscat wine from Chile and if you are just after some chocolate you can go for a fantastic Malbec. What a treat!

Cheese platter for Christmas - wine recommendations 


Served alongside puddings to offer people who do not have a sweet tooth a great dining experience, it can match to a wide variety of wines depending on your cheese selection. Port and stilton combo is a classic, goats cheese is better served with lighter bodied and fresh white wines like Jane Ventura from south of Spain and rich cheddars can be matched with a punchy red like natural Nero d'Avola.

There are so many rules in the world. Wine seems to be fairly complicated too. It should not be. Instead, it can be an exciting journey to discover new flavours, challenge your own taste buds and explore how wines match with delicious food.

Create your own wine rules with some help from Organic Wine Club. Explore the range of organic, natural and vegan wines that are matched to your lifestyle. In fact, we have one of the largest selections of natural wines with no added sulphites in the UK, so you will have plenty of choice.

Get better wine and lead a healthier lifestyle!

Christmas wine cases

Discover our delicious cases of wine that are handpicked for festivities: our Christmas cases which include many of the wines listed above! Treat yourself with organic wine this Christmas!

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16 November, 2016

So many options! Thanks for the recommendations! We tasted the “Beetle”, the German Riesling this weekend, one of the best wines I’ve tasted in a long time! Amazing!

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