Cloudwalker Pinot Noir Syrah, New Zealand: Our Natural Wine Star

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Cloudwalker Pinot Noir Syrah from Martinborough, New Zealand - limited edition natural wine

It is very hard to find a bottle of natural wines without added sulphites that can top our previous Natural Star, after all it was a top notch Rioja. What can we say, we were searching high and low and may just be we’ve found another star. It doesn’t mean it is bigger, but it is so much different!

Another personal confession of mine might shock you, but please red on. I do not like Pinot Noir much. I understand the grape, the fact that it is incredibly hard to grow and make a complex wine from, but still, I have always felt that it is just tad too watery for my liking.. too light too.

With the view on the above it is a sheer pleasure to discover Cloudwalker organic wine from New Zealand. It is made predominantly from Pinot Noir but with some addition of Syrah, so you are to get all those red berry fruit, very ripe and prominent, but with an addition of spice, both sweetish and peppery, a bit darker colour, some more tannins and definitely more body.

This organic wine is natural and please do expect a bit cloudy appearance to it - it hasn’t been filtered or fined, hence suitable for vegetarians and vegans and also has much more body and depth.

Before we go into much more detail about this wine it is worth mentioning how small is the production of these artisan winemakers. This wine is being produced in just 1056 bottles, maybe just a bit more or less in the next vintage, but these guys are clearly not going for quantity.

On top of their meticulous approach to organic grape growing, they are fully following it up with minimal intervention winemaking - there are no added sulphites in this wine and it is indeed intended to be playful and fuller in style. The wine is rustic yet also very elegant and compelling.

You can easily match it with game, duck, pasta with wild boar sauce and lamb; think of richer aubergine veggie dishes and delicate spices if you are doing something vegan.

So who are the guys behind this interesting organic red blend? Cambridge Road vineyard is a small 5.5-acre estate in the esteemed Martinborough appellation in the North Island of New Zealand. The vineyard was first planted with Pinot Noir and Syrah grapes in 1986 and was previously known as the Fraser Block. The vines are amongst the oldest in the country and they continue their management with love and pride. Growers focus their time and energy on perfecting and beautifying the land and cultivating it according to natural biodynamic principles.

The grapes are manually harvested and fermented in neutral oak barrels. Everything is very down to natural techniques, just wild yeasts, further maturation for 10 months in barrels and absolutely no filtration, no fining and no added sulphur.

Fantastic job and hope you can grab a bottle or a few of this wine to try it for yourself. It is just such a rare find. Enjoy this delicious organic wine!

Please refer to our short memo on differences between organic, vegan, natural and strictly no added sulphites wines if you want to learn more. 

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