Duck and Wine: Organic red wine from Cotes du Rhone & healthy food

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duck salad and red wine: organic Cotes du Rhone with no sulphites

Some matches are simply made in heaven, aren’t they?

Think of a delicious red wine and Cotes du Rhone will definitely come up as one of the well-known winemaking regions.

Think of a popular Rhone Valley dish and it would be duck.

In this post, we look at these two yummy things: a quick and easy duck recipe perfectly matched with no sulphites added wine made in ever popular Cotes du Rhone.

Let’s start with our glorious duck - how do you normally like it? We know roasting, frying the breasts, carpaccio, cassoulet, strips-fry and confit. I do not mind duck skin at all - when cooked correctly, it is a source of good fat, watch out not to overheat it. It should not resemble charcoal.

Today I am quite indecisive, so I wanted both fresh ingredients and cooked ones, the best solution for that will be duck salad. I will try to incorporate as many vegetables as possible, as I need to live up to my claim that 10 veg a day is just so easy.

What’s in my shopping list (serves two):

  • 2 duck breasts
  • ruby gem lettuce
  • aubergine
  • red chilli
  • romano pepper
  • 2 tomatoes
  • cucumber
  • garlic
  • coriander
  • rosemary

You’ve probably guessed it - I went for a classic pan fried duck breast option, served with grilled aubergine and romano pepper slices, and some simple side salad. With the latter it is the dressing that makes all the difference - my preferred French classic is to mix 2 parts of good quality olive oil (have a look at this organic extra virgin aromatic olive oil!) with 1 part of white wine or cider vinegar, season it well and add just a touch of wholegrain mustard. Your side salad will sing!

For the main event I quickly pan fry duck breasts with herbs, leave them to rest for 5 minutes before cutting into slices and, in the meantime, grilling slices of pepper, halves of gem lettuce and thin aubergine slices. So simple and so delicious.

Top tip! You should be quick to serve it (pre-heated plates will help) and enjoy!

Don’t forget to pair duck with this no sulphites added Cotes du Rhone

organic red wine, sulphite free wine from Cotes du RhoneThis ‘Les Romanins’ 2015 by Ferme St. Martin is perfect: it also has herbs and spices on the palate, balanced fruit flavours and is very round not so overpower your warm salad. This organic red wine is where Grenache meets Syrah and Cinsault. The wine is rustic with shiny purple colour and warm nose of confit fruits (damsons and black plums) overlaid with garrigue - scented pepper, herbs and spice. A very round red wine, fairly complex and juicy Cotes du Rhone. As with many organic wines, the vineyard is very carefully treated - no chemicals are used, neither fertilisers nor pesticides. All work is to produce healthy grapes whilst maintaining life in the soil and a balance in the nature. Grapes are then manually harvested, de-stemmed, fermented using indigenous yeast (proven to be an important factor to give authentic flavours) then matured for 6 months in concrete tank and bottled unfiltered. It also means that there are no added allergens, neither milk or eggs used as there wasn't any filtration or fining involved. 

The region of Rhone Valley is famous for its game recipes and of course smooth but rich red wines. Both the dish and wine are flavoursome and scented with lavender, coriander, thyme and rosemary. You can make your meal healthier by opting for organic ingredients and sulphite free wine. Healthy food at its best!

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18 November, 2018

I live in Maryland, USA near Bethesda, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. Can you tell me where I could buy organic, low sulfite wines from France in the USA. Do you sell to Total Wine of McLean, VA? Do Cotes du Rhone wines have the lowest sulfites and pesticides in France? I heard Loire and Provence also have healthier, organic wines. I love Cotes du Rhone La Colline however I only found it at Wardman Wines in DC.

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