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Italian wines: organic and natural wines without excessive sulphites from Italy

It’s of no surprise we are eager to discuss Italian organic wines. During the last few years we see more and more very exciting new artisans who are making exceptional wines without reaching £100 price tag. They aren’t new per se, it is just they are now slowly reaching the point of exporting their wines to the UK. And we are tasting hundreds of them only to pick a few really delicious examples.

What’s so special about Italian natural wine this days?

To start with, it’s a whole approach to rejuvenate their own local varieties. At the end of the day, how many times will you drink Cabernet or Merlot made by a very similar method? You will want something new and exciting, especially from Italian red wine. Yet if the world is going towards homogenisation in order to maximize on the profits, that could be a very difficult ask for a non-pricey product.  That’s why Italian artisans are taking old native varieties, and we are not just talking Sangiovese or Pinot Grigio, but rather something like Garganega or Barbera, Grillo or Cortese, to make good quality wines that will excite your palate. 

Organic or Natural Prosecco.

Well, we don’t even want to go down those ‘Prosecco shortage’ news. We simply want a top quality Prosecco made naturally and with some character too. We are happy to report that our organic Prosecco is being supplied to a few influencers in organic and sustainable living space. So grateful for their support, but in this case the product speaks (or drinks) for itself!

Good Quality Italian Wines. 

The increase in wine quality is totally astonishing. We all know the region of Piedmont, after all most of us are keen to have a glass of top-notch Barolo. Same goes for Tuscany with its Brunello di Montalcino. Great tasing Italian red wine, a bit posh, but commands a similar price tag too. We do have no added sulphites wines from Piedmont and Tuscany, a bit more democratic yet similarly vibrant and exciting. Check out our 0 sulphites added wines by Castello di Tassarolo for a great example of Piedmontese producer or Tuscan lively example of Vino Rosso by San Michele. Both of these Italian red wines are our bestsellers.  

But the real change is coming from the regions that used to produce fairly bulk wines just a decade ago. Think Sicily. It has a unique volcanic soil, surrounded by sea and enjoys a fantastic Mediterranean climate. Yet until just recently its wines were not on top of anybody’s list (pardon our directness!). Yet starting from Grillo (we have a few exciting winemakers working with us), Catarratto and Nero d’Avola, it offers an amazing value for money (see for yourself) and a bag of character! 

For the all-round favorite in terms of Italian red wine you can turn your eyes towards Montepulciano. This is an awesome grape variety that offers uncomplicated juiciness and some richness too. Our Tullum and Senzaniente brands are rocking our wine club members palates every week!

As our Italian wine range is always fluctuating with wines going out of stock very quickly, we also love to say a few words about our absolute bestsellers, Cannonau wines from Sardinia, Primitivo wines from Puglia, Pinot Grigio from Veneto, Gavi and Monferrato from North of Italy and much more.  Yet as the festivities just around the corner, it will be probably organic Prosecco made of quality Glera grapes, no added sulphites and no headaches the next morning (caused by excessive sulphites in wines).

Nobody says Italians are completely forgetting International varieties. You can find Cabernet (see our Veneto producer who does an amazing job under his ‘Animae’ brand) or Merlot, which is regarded as a bulk and easy wine by Italians themselves. 

Soul and Passion in Italian Winemaking. 

Another really admiring aspect of Italian winemaking is their community approach. You probably won’t find that many cooperatives and small farms as you will in Italy. We used to stock Il Terraio wine that is being produced by a social enterprise that offers its ground for those rehabilitating from metal health issues. Similarly, our bestselling Valli Unite wines are being made by just three small farmers who have joined forces to offer stunning wines at an unbeatable price. We have met guys at Fatalone, a local Puglia legend - they produce Primitivo wines for generations, just one grape variety, different ageing, and superbly delicious. 

Italian Wine Verdict

There is obviously so much more to say, and we will be coming back to update this guide so it stays fresh and current, as Italian natural wines do now. Yet we leave you to enjoy life. That’s exactly what those winemakers want you to do - not to listen to some retailer’s mambo jumbo but just cook an honest dinner and open a good bottle of wine produced by an artisan not a massive faceless factory.

Cheers to that!

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