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Il Terraio Paterna 2015 Tuscany - Italian organic white wine

Hello everyone!

We are delighted you are reading this as it is something we feel very passionate about (yes, not just organic wine!)

Festive season is meant to be a happy one with loads of smiles, laughter, great food and wine, meeting your friends and family and simply enjoying pleasures in life. Yet for some people it is not. 1/6 of us are suffering from one sort of mental issue or another. Be it mild stress, serious problems or even, hopefully not, an illness.

Mental health is important. It was so true when listening to Ruby Wax campaigning to raise awareness of mental health problems when she said that we feel compassionate when we see people with fractured legs or arms etc, but we turn away from people with visible mental health problems. Yet brain is an organ as well!

It is always easy to grab a glass of something alcoholic to try and help with current issues or stress. Yet a great glass of wine should not be a solution for that. It provides relaxation and maybe just a bit more happiness, but it should not become a solution for your issues. That is why we believe mental health issues and wine business are connected. The latter should not become a panacea to overcome the former.

Il Terraio Paterna Tuscany Italy organic white wineA few months ago we have been to a supplier’s tasting and it went swimmingly well until the point we’ve heard a story of this wine - Il Terraio Paterna 2015 from Tuscany. This white wine has a very vivid and pleasant label, clean colour and we’ve expected great flavours (so true!); yet we we not expecting this. Our supplier told us that these guys (literally three guys who own this cooperative) also use this farm as a sanctuary for people who were suffering from mental health issues and need some peace and quiet to de-stress and feel better. No tech devices are allowed, people simply work the farm, help to make the wine and enjoy peaceful and beautiful vineyards.

We knew that we just needed to list that wine!

Knowing our previous support of SANE charity events (we’ve donated some wine for their gala auction), it is of no surprise that this festive season we would like to do our own fundraising too.

We will donate £1 from each bottle of Il Terraio sold in December 2016 (both in-store and online) to SANE to help them provide even more services to people who need it the most.

Il Terraio 2015 is an aromatic dry white wine made of Malvasia and Trebbiano and shows good citrus and green apple flavours (refreshing!) with some rich floral bouquet (good finish). It is expressive of stunning Tuscan landscape and a fruit of passionate winemaking by this dedicated cooperative. It could not be a better wine to support our mission this month!


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