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how to buy good wine online: what is good wine

There are probably just a few questions that are most frequent for any wine merchant - ‘I would like a good red wine’ or ‘I prefer a good white wine’. Quite obviously that ‘good wine’ is something different for every wine shopper, but we’ve decided to make a bit of a research and this short writeup is about its results.

We’ve collected data from our wine club members and organic wine shop customers with regards to what wine they define as good wine.

At the end of this post we also give some additional pointers how you can buy good wine online for less with no compromise on quality.

What is good wine

These are 8 quickly scripted quotes from our customers:

1. “I have a very broad range of wines I like. One thing for me is to get excited by new flavours: be it new dish or new wine. Without it your life is just bleak. I am not always drink organic, I try, but it is not always possible - you go out and poised to get a glass of something from a bar’s list. I am not complaining, but you guys should sell your wines to bars too. For me good wine is the one consumed in a company of my friends, that’s why drinking organic at the bar or restaurant would be even better. Good red wine should also be satisfying and lively.”

2. “The wines are going a bit over the board with the pricing. I understand that you shouldn't expect anything good coming from a £5 bottle of wine, but I can’t spend £20 all the time. Sadly, but finding a bottle of good wine on a budget is something that is important. Our small family is rather conservative and we stick with just a few red wines that we both like. We though never buy wine that is advertised on a telly - they clearly spend more on advertising rather than let wine to speak for itself. I am coming from a family of farmers, so I know that the margins are tight. I’d rather support cooperative producers, small and sweet. That would be my ultimate good red wine.”

3. “Have you noticed how much sweeter and stronger the wines are getting? I am not even mentioning Aussie Shiraz as those beasts are 15% alcohol, but even a regular French red instead of 13% is not getting 14% or 14.5% easy. My ideal good wine would be one of 12-12.5% as I can drink a large glass, enjoy it and not be worried that I am overdoing it based on the health guidelines. Call me a weirdo, but it is not about alcohol for me - more about having a light refreshing drink with a light meal. Currently enjoying your organic rose wines - they are perfectly light and sit somewhere in between of whites which are just a bit too watery for me and heavier reds. I wouldn’t call them good wines, great rose wines. Good value for most of them too. Should explore some more wines for summer - give us pointers for good white wine too!”

4. “Good wine? An easy question for me. The only wine I can drink is without sulphites. I know that such wine doesn’t exist, thanks to your explanation guys, but I feel alright with wines that have lower than 10 mg. I have been abstaining from wine for more than 6 years now as I have severe asthma attacks after a regular glass of wine. My GP told me that sulphite free wine is my only saviour. Happy to find you guys have somewhat big range of that as I can now ‘afford’ a glass of wine with my dinner easily. It is probably not exactly correct to call wine as a healthier drink, but these wines are healthier for me - I simply can drink a glass without any risks of asthma attack. I wish they could be cheaper, but I got it - these are a niche within your niche, so I don’t expect miracles. My member discount slightly helps to buy good red wine for me. Thanks!”

5. “I do not drink to get drunk, but rather seek a nice flavour. A very good flavour is totally necessary to call it a good red wine. I guess I am lucky enough to get to a Senior position in my company, so spending a few pounds more on a bottle of wine isn’t an issue. It definitely widens my options and allows to try a new wine. Not too many of those are available in supermarkets though. I remember a few years back I was a bit apprehensive stepping inside an independent wine shop simply because I was afraid of very expensive wines and, forgive my honesty, some snobby wine advisors. I guess I wasn’t ready to pay more back then (he laughs). Since then I have found quite a few small wine shops that do excellent job selecting something new and exciting. Some of them are good wines for me, some of them leave me quite indifferent, but for me it is OK - just I do not want same old, same old. Bring me novelty & flavour and it will be my new good red wine!”

6. “I guess I don’t have a very demanding palate - for me there are just so many good wines I enjoy that I cannot put my finger on which and what. I am happy to pick up a bottle anywhere, but I need to be able to read a label and understand what it could be like. The only difference is my choice of wine for celebrations and to toast for something special - it just needs to be beyond what you call a good wine. I want something so special that my guests will scream wow and it would be memorable. That’s what you call and attention seeking wine. A very good red wine from a prestigious region and maybe something off-beaten track but again with a name and potentially up-and-coming. Your last bottle of English sparkling wine is something my friends are still talking about. Not that I am gonna buy it that often, but it was delicious and special.”

7. “Good wine for me is one that meets or exceeds my expectations. I buy most of my stuff online and with many retailers it is hit and miss only because I do not even know how that bottle could taste like - there is so little information available. You and also quite a few smaller shops provide me with, what I call, a scenario: set of descriptors that I will most probably taste in my wine. I love it. I also like stories. If I hear a very interesting wine story and the style of wine is something that I might like, it is a big chance I will go for it. You guys need to do your stories in a video format. Would be easier for me to buy good wine online. Start with a few bottles of good red wine to see if it would be popular, but I'd watch it!”

8. “A Glass of good red wine makes you smile. I can’t say anything more than that.”

Which one of these is closer to what you think?

You define what’s good wine for your own self. Share your thoughts with our community! See the examples of organic wines our respondents like at the end of this post. It doesn't matter if it is good red wine or a dry white wine that makes you exciting, we are sure you'd find something here!

Get great value wine when shopping online

Second part of this write-up and dedicated to what are we doing here at Organic Wine Club, so you can get great value wine by shopping online.

We all know what kinds of perks are widely available. It is mostly with massive introductory discount on your first case and some crystal glasses on top. You are left on your own after that (well, apart from those cold calls trying to sell you promo cases).

We've had a better idea! You get a discount on the regular delivery charge (£8) or delivered for free if your case is worth over £85. On top of that, when creating a free account with Organic Wine Club, you accumulate points (Wine Drops) per every order (2% cashback), but also massive boost per each customer referral (£10 worth of wine). Every member enjoys 10% off anything in our store and al the rewards of our loyalty programme.

Consider topping up your wine knowledge with our online wine course - worth £19.99 it will allow you to learn basics of wine and interact with our WSET certified tutor. We’ve also prepared an everyday organic wine collection for everyone who would like to drink good organic wines on a budget.

Here is a small selection of good organic wines that were mentioned by our respondents: 

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