How to Love Your Mornings After

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love your mornings afterI’d like to start with something that happened to me recently. I was enjoying an evening at the Italian restaurant on our local high street. I was with my business partner and also asked a brilliant local businesswoman with her friend to join. It was an awesome evening. The food was great. Then again, I must confess, I have an incredible soft spot for authentic Italian dishes. Then we needed to order wine, obviously! I am asked all the time by people whether I only drink organic and natural wines. I will always try and I always suggest places that I know have natural wines on the menu. This one did not. The list was reasonable enough for a local restaurant with the standard staples, Prosecco-Chianti-Valpolicella, from the brands that you can come across pretty much at most places, so we just ordered a good Chianti. What could possibly go wrong? The wine was OK-ish and I quickly switched my mind from the flavours to actually being present in the conversation. It was a fun night!

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about my morning. I just could not wake up. My alarm rang and rang, my dog was making a racket as he is ready to go to the park. I was basically like the walking dead. I was thinking whether I had anything cold in the fridge but also trying to count how many glasses I had the night before. After realising the fridge was empty, I was amazed by a surprising realisation. I only had 2 large glasses of that Chianti. My dog was not in the park for long that morning and I simply got back to bed for a few hours of just staying put and watching some mindless stuff.

morning - horsesI guess you won’t be surprised if I said I have toughen my stance on drinking some random stuff and opt for a preservative free beer if there is no organic or natural wine.

It got me thinking though. How hard can it be to enjoy a few drinks with your friends and family or even just a glass with dinner at home, then wake up and have a wonderfully light and easier morning after. This is what I’d like to cherish and enjoy.

You probably will think it is quite surprising, but having a fair business means we are not making sky-high profits here. As much as I’d love to afford to drink an amazing £30 bottle of gorgeous natural wine, this is not going to happen very soon.

So, what do I do? I turn to everyday organic wines under £11, select a few really amazing ones to drink for special occasions and then make sure I have a box of wine for those bigger nights. I love hosting, but I also need to stay true to my beliefs. That is why my parties are known to have several wines served in carafes (which contains with the quality organic wines from a box). I am not ashamed or even hiding that fact. Wine in a box is a format that improved a lot in the recent years. Producers also improved the packaging, so after you’ve had a glass of that wine, I know that it won’t go bad for a few weeks in that bag. You would see the economical but also ecological value in this.

beautiful morning - forest

We’ve heard that from many of our customers were recommended to switch to organic, biodynamic or sulphite free wines. Most of them took this advice from food related magazines, nutritionists or newspapers. They all agree that sulphites and other allergens cause headaches and ill effects. So, it does not matter if you are already sensitive to sulphites or not, with natural wines are you going to get a cleaner, purer and an honest expressive product that is healthier for you.

Big winemaking corporations that use a lot of additives, flavour and colour enhancements in their wines and would want to convince you that’s just totally OK. Remember last time your teeth were really purple after a small glass of red wine? This excessive colouring comes from additives. Yes, this overwhelmingly radiant purple colour is not natural. In the EU there are over 50 allowed additives in the winemaking process. I just refuse to drink those conventional wines. 

Let those big industrial wine producers argue, they will always have their consumer - people who do not look at the labels and who do not really take care of themselves but just getting just another drink cheap.

On the opposite side, we just love our get togethers. It is about being social, sharing good food and wine with friends and family. Would you pay an extra few pounds for you and your family to feel light and fresh the next morning? I know I would and I’m sure you are thinking it too. 

smiling dog Lucky in the park

I’d rather take my dog Lucky for a walk in the morning and actually enjoy it. You would just enjoy your morning at work without any strain or simply go for a run before your working day starts? 

Another sign that we are on the right path here is a comment from one of our regular customers Louise. The story starts with the fact that one long weekend we needed to close our brick-and-mortar store to be away for an exhibition. We have obviously put lots of notices: on social media, the website and in the window. Yet one comment that we’ve got from one of our regular customers Louise was priceless. She said that she was driving to get to our store to stock up for the weekend and the party she was hosting. She wasn’t too happy at all when she found us closed. Though we do have a local branch of a well-known supermarket chain just across the street, so she turned to them to stock for her weekend party. She told us that she has had a massive hangover just from a few glasses of red wine she bought there. That’s where I’m coming back to my initial claim about few glasses. 

beautiful morning at a natural resort

Many of us know that they will be sacrificing their mornings after. We know that but we make that decision because we want to be social. Yet it doesn’t need to be that bad. You can enjoy a few glasses without dealing with those ill effects.

I’m sure many of you, who switch to natural wines, will start loving your mornings after. There are so many beautiful things you could be doing and actually enjoying! I am definitely having a blast with Lucky in the park and it’s doing good for my waistline and fitness levels too, my 10 miles last time were like a breeze!

The whole expression of ‘morning after’ has now a very different meaning. Have a look at our health conscious wine plan if you want to explore! Alternatively, here is a collection of natural wines under £15. Enjoy!

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