Introduce yourself to organic and natural wines with our mini cases

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Grape to Glass: Introduce yourself to delicious organic and natural wines with no added sulphites!

Natural wines are gaining popularity fast. It is no surprise why - they offer so many benefits (see our other blog posts, guides and articles on benefits of natural wines with no added sulphites). Yet there are so many people who are skeptical about them, and again, it is not really surprising - some of them may be too funky or playful, smelling too fresh (almost like just fermented). 

We at Organic Wine Club are carefully selecting the best wines that are not only better and healthier, but with amazing flavour profiles - from more neutral to aromatic, from fresh and fruity to more robust and aged. Knowing that these wines are made with grapes grown organically with no harmful chemicals added afterwards too, this is almost exactly what they say about 'Grape to Glass'. 

Understanding that it may sound a bit of a gamble to part with £70-£80 per case of 6 wines that you do not know, we've decided to launch a selection of trial or mini wine cases, so you can get those wines over, try them and see for yourself. Would you feel lighter, better and enjoy these pure and expressive flavours?

These are wines that were produced naturally by passionate artisans and being served at most prominent restaurants and bars in the UK. You can now order just a few red or white natural wines to sample and make your own opinion.

Barbera Alessandrino - popular natural red wines. Find also in Italian restaurantsPrices start at just £9.90 per bottle. This is one of our bestselling natural wines - Barbera 'Alessandrino'! It shows great concentration of juicy fruit on the palate. Very low tannins and a light dry finish. It will pair amazingly with poultry, lamb and you can also think of spicy cuisine here as this wine is on a lower side of alcohol - just 12% abv. We recommend to chill it slightly and also aerate it for good 5 minutes as it is very playful on the nose too! It is organic certified and biodynamic, suitable for vegetarians & vegans as no eggs or milk were used. No added sulphites in this wine, total level of naturally occurring sulphites is 11 mg/l (just 1mg above the legal minimum not to have 'contains sulphites' on the label). Low tannins make this wine lighter and strictly speaking it is allergen-free.


Let us know what do you think! Cheers

Please refer to our short memo on differences between organic, vegan, natural and strictly no added sulphites wines if you want to learn more. 



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