Italian organic wine tasting report: natural and organic wines from Italy

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Italian organic wine tasting: Veneto, Tuscany and Puglia. Follow our wine tastings 

There are so many different types of organic wines (sulphite free, biodynamic, even lower in alcohol) or grape varieties. We did some of these themed organic wine tastings this summer. It is time to explore one of the most prominent winemaking countries - Italy!

To select some noteworthy and also different examples of organic wines, we've moved from a natural wine that is fresh, full of stone fruit (peaches, apricots) and nuts to Tuscany, where we have one example of 60% Sangiovese. This will not make a Chianti, but this is a basis for a incredibly juicy and cherry-licious wine.  We ended up in the southern part of Italy - Puglia! Our bottle of Primitivo has the depth, strength and flavour profile yet it is also elegant and exciting. Let's move on to some tasting notes and food matches. We will conclude with our customers' verdict!

Organic wine in Italy

La Biancara Masieri Garganega 2015 natural sulphite free wine

First bottle is produced by Angeolino Maule, the President of VinNatur, Italian natural wine association. It is 80% Garganega and it most cases it is enough to say as it is a dominant grape variety. Production followed absolutely natural winemaking way - it has been fermented using natural yeasts, has not been filtered or fined and of course there are no added sulphites. In fact, even these naturally occurring sulphites are very low: 5mg/l - this is twice less as the minimum level. The wine has noticeable fizz yet it only adds playfulness to the wine - flavours are very fresh, not too rich, but has a lot of citrus, stone fruit and just a tiny bit of crumbly biscuit on top. Pleasant wine without added sulphites.

Of note: Angeolino Maule is also a passionate bread maker. If you think about how quality bread is made, you will end up with a sourdough recipe that has been proven for a few days prior to baking. Yet our nowadays conventional production makes bread in hours if not less. We simply do not get that amazing product that bread should be. In most cases we get a mass produced bread that is stripped of goodness. 

Try this amazing wine and see for yourself - this wine is a living wine, vivacious and even slightly cloudy. Fresh citrus and almonds... We get overly excited, so it is time to move to great organic red wines!

Cinciorosso 2011 Tuscany

Second tasting example is a very tasty Tuscan red wine. When everyone mention Tuscany we think about Chianti, don’t we? This organic red wine comes from a very reputable producer yet who gone a bit rogue - they’ve decided not to follow Chianti regulatory requirements and instead of DOCG origin to adopt just IGT, it means they are in general are valued lower but allow themselves to experiment and produce interesting blends. This blend of 60% Sangiovese also has Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

We liked this wine for its roundness. You can still get a lot of that typical cherry-violet bouquet, but it is not sharply acidic. It has elegance with our being nervy. Syrah definitely added some herbs and tender bitterness, whilst Cabernet Sauvignon this darker colour and some cassis. This is where is all makes sense with the blend. It is pure and a lot of red fruit character - plums and red currants married with cherries! Exciting and different, and finally something even more special:

Fatalone Primitivo 2014 Gioia del Colle, Puglia

The last one in our trio of organic wines from Italy is actually one of our organic wine stars! We wrote about this great organic red wine before, so it does not require that much introduction, yet we still wanted to offer it for tasting - it is just so good!

We were not alone in our judgement - it has been the most popular in our tasting too with the shelves getting emptier and emptier every hour. 

This Primitivo is not just an amazing organic red wine from Puglia that offers bags of flavour - strawberries under some balsamic drizzle would be the best way how to describe it we think!

Strawberries and balsamic - flavours of organic Primitivo from Puglia, Italy

Italian organic wines: the verdict

It is amazing to see so much development in terms of natural winemaking and delicious expressive organic wines to match the statement that Italy is on the forefront of organic movement. We have tried quite a few unusual natural wines and our Italian section of natural wines is currently the biggest. Numbers speak better than words most probably. 

Our guests really liked Fatalone Primitivo, its story, passionate attitude to winemaking and also a rich and elegant flavour profile. Sales also speak better than words sometimes. We are almost sold out on this vintage and will move swiftly to a new one.  

See you soon at our pop in tastings. Chat / email us if you need any help with our wines. Cheers

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