Natural Wine Rebellion

Posted on 14 November, 2018 by Dimitri Safonov | 0 comments

real wine - join Organic Wine Club for the natural wine rebellion

What is a rebel? A man who says no, but whose refusal doesn’t imply renunciation. He is also a man who says yes as soon as he begins to think for himself. 

We see rebellion around all the time - you can see vegans to deny buying animal-derived products and households that switch to renewable energy. Our beloved wine club members also also saying no to mass produced chemically neutered wine, they switch to natural wine instead. 

Would you agree that we do vote all the time? Voting by our money is a very active step of rebellion. We don’t need to burn an animal farm just to prove the point that it’s cruel to animals. We also do not need to stop drinking wine just to say no to those badly made wines that are injected with preservatives.

Albert Camus said: “We shall choose Ithaca, the faithful land, frugal and audacious thought, lucid action, the generosity of a man who understands”. Understanding is key here, an awareness how your wine (or any of your foodstuffs for that matter) is produced. 

There is a lot of beauty in our natural wine rebellion - we do understand the provenance of wine, how it gets to our tables, the needs of an honest winemaker. We know that the a good wine cannot cost £4; it’s simply not feasible when the UK duty is over £2! That’s the reason we at Organic Wine Club keep persevering to continue our own natural wine rebellion. We want to help drive change through action. We believe that we should be mindful about what we eat and drink and spread a kind word about the benefits of real wine.

Join us, become a bit of a rebel too!

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