New Wines at Organic Wine Club - March 2017

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new wines at Organic Wine Club - March 2017

Isn't it nice to try a new wine from now and then? You can potentially find a new favourite. We at Organic Wine Club taste more than 3000 wines a year only to select 150 that we currently have listed. It is a vigorous process and we feel sad sometimes when we need to say no to a pretty good wine that just doesn't make a cut. Yet today's story is about three new wines that actually made it to our organic wine list!

Here is why these organic wines are special: 

Dynamitage Gamay 2015 from Loire Valley

Don't be fooled by a juicy Beaujolais wines made of Gamay grape. This is a speciall bottle of red wine that is made of the same variety, but differently. To start with, it is matured in oak for a year, so the overall style of this wine is much more complex and serious.

This organic Gamay wine is really funky with its complexity - it has sweetness, bitterness, spicy notes and that illusive 'je ne sais quoi'. Unusual wine to be enjoyed slightly chilled for extra freshness.

Fancy a nice and tender pork Milanese or crispy squid? 

The winemaker, whose name is Baptiste, produces this red wine with no allergens and no added sulphites. They fully certify wine as organic and biodynamic.

The Anjou region enjoys a temperate, continental climate regulated by the Loire River and the Atlantic Ocean, both of which are in close proximity. Baptiste uses two horses to help the cultivation and reduces the amount of copper and sulphur sprayed, availing himself of tisanes and other herbal decoctions to nourish the soil. Inspiring work!

Peligres Garnacha Tinto 2014 from Alicante, Spain

Simply put, a superb organic red wine. This super approachable Garnacha balances ripe confit fruit notes with good freshness and a nice peppery twist.

Red wine that has both sweat and peppery notes, juicy and balanced. Perfect for grilled meats & vegetables. Spring is here, we are just waiting for a bit better weather to open this bottle and host a BBQ party!

This wine made without added sulphites will excite you from the first sniff - it expresses very pronounced red and forest fruit aromas, flavours are very pleasant with the similar fruit profile, but ripeness to contrast with acidity and create that exciting kick. A truly vivacious wine that lives in the bottle. 

L’Etoile 2014 Haut Medoc by Chateau Villegeorge in Bordeaux 

Organic Bordeaux is here! This is a second wine from Chateau Villegeorge, Cru Bourgeois. It is fully organic certified by Terra Vitis.

Funny story about organic Bordeaux for us: we are trading for more than 8 months at the time of writing and we haven't been asked about Bordeaux at all! Is this ever popular French region, that is famous for Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blends, ran out of popularity and in decline? We are sure there are plenty of fans of quality Clarets. As with the other wines that we try just to handpick the best organic wines, we've tried many Bordeaux wines to simply be disappointed about price / quality ratio. Moderately priced clarets were simply too thin and not expressive enough, and just a few really nice reds have had a price tag of £100+, which is fairly above usual budget even for celebratory bottles. We are not in any rush to get a wine on board so we've been waiting for a few years to find an interesting left bank Bordeaux red. Meet 'L'Etoile' that actually features a picture of ballerina on the bottle. The wine is not as light as a feather, but clearly elegant and exciting!  

When you smell this wine you are to experience light touches of red fruit and flowers (peonies), yet it appears as a very deep red wine. On the palate it opens up much more and it is a very soft, round organic red wine with a good balance, full-bodied and with velvety ripe tannins. Its signature blackcurrant flavour is unmistakable (Cabernet is 78% in the blend, the rest is Merlot). You will experience a long & fruity finish with a hint of pepper.  

It is priced at £21 currently (not that we are expecting to raise the prices, but all current affairs are really affecting pound exchange rates and duty increases are not helping too) and you probably need to splash out on the best quality steak or opt for grilled meats, poultry and mature cheeses.

More detailed tasting notes are available if you click on individual wines. Truly hope I've excited you to try one of these for yourself! Cheers

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