New Wines at Organic Wine Club - May 2017

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back in stock organic wines and bestselling sulphite free wines

Here is our monthly roundup of new wines. So what's new in May? In fact, this edition will focus on a handful of wines that we got back in stock. A few truly incredible organic wines were out of stock after being completely sold out in 2016. It is finally time to open new vintages and enjoy these bestselling wines. Let us showcase 7 organic wines. 4 of them are made without added sulphites, 1 made naturally with extremely low sulphites and 2 are simply of an amazing value. 

Parra Jimenez Verdejo

Verdejo is a popular Spanish variety. We had so many people loving this wine with their Spanish inspired tapas dishes, be it goat's cheese or even scallop, so we've decided that everyone should get this organic and biodynamic wine. This organic Verdejo from Spain is fruity and fresh, not too timid for goat's cheese! 

It is an entry level organic white wine, yet it is made in such a fresh and pure way you'd think it is worth much more. Find it in our Best Value cases to save even more! 

Gavi 'Spinola' by Castello di Tassarolo

I guess you really cannot buy class. This Italian white wine is exactly that - very elegant, with a touch of refreshing fruit and a gentle aftertaste of crumble. It creates a round and expressive mouthfeel that is so admired. It is also made absolutely naturally, without added sulphites. If anyone felt any wine allergy symptoms before, this wine won't trigger anything like that, just a pure pleasure in a glass.  

Nosso by Bodegas Menade, vegan friendly, gluten free, sulphite free white wine

This organic Verdejo is a true natural gem. Bodegas Menade work to create a self-sustaining growing environment for the plants, it is much more healthy to get vines to take care of themselves rather than spray them to prevent diseases. As a result, they produce aromatic grapes, full of freshness and complex flavours.   

Delicious white wine that is made in a limited quantity but admired throughout Europe.

Alessandrino Barbera by cooperative Valli Unite

Another wine from Piedmont, red and no sulphites added this time. If you were looking for a fresh, juicy and light red wine that is preservative free and also low in tannins - this is your wine! We have a limited stock of 2014 and would be waiting for new vintage in a few months, so grab it whilst you can. It has a beautiful bouquet of violets, ripe but a bit sour cherries and touch of smoky notes. Ideal with pizzas, pasta dishes, poultry and even with some spicy cuisine (meaty curry anyone?).  

Parra Jimenez Graciano

This fresh red wine is produced by the same organic pioneers Parra Jimenez brothers as our first Verdejo. Graciano is not a very well known grape variety and it is normally added to a blended wine like Rioja in a tiny quantity. Yet this 100% Graciano proves that it makes sense producing clean and pure styles of red wine. Think of ripe black cherries with a good acidity to be refreshing and fairly light - and you got the style of this organic red wine. It hasn't been aged in oak at all, so think of freshness and juiciness here. Amazing value for money, similarly to their Verdejo!

Tempranillo 2016 Parra, old vines, no sulphites added

You'd think we are biased now, but this is a third wine from Parra family - this time is a typical fresh Tempranillo, organic and biodynamic wine made with no sulphites added. It just cannot be cleaner and more preservative free, can it? Very typical red fruit, ripe plums are gently touched by spice to produce a medium bodied and very fresh red wine. It is smooth, no oak ageing and medium tannins. Versatile wine, would be great with mixed grill, vegetable dishes and Sunday roast with all the trimmings. It is of no surprise that we have been fortunate to be offering this wine to our wine club subscribers with a lot of success and positive feedback. 

Pim Pam Poom 2016 Sao del Coster, Priorat

Finally, with this red wine I am truly biased, I admit. I have visited them a few years back and have seen the production and their vineyards. You would struggle to find more passionate artisans - their small team work the vineyards and produce wines in true adherence to organic principals and to deliver the best quality wine that reflects their land and culture. Only a small sulphur dose is added during bottling, the overal concentration is just 10 mg/l. Pim Pam Poom 2016 has just been released as a new wine and we obviously started stocking and selling it. Everyone who tried 2015 vintage loved it for its freshness, juiciness and flavours. 2016 won't disappoint at all - it is a fresher style of Priorat, elegant but very very playful. Have it for your party and you'd have something to discuss, taste after taste. The only sad thing is that their harvest in 2016 wasn't as expected, so they have managed to produce just a few thousand of bottles in total. We'd try to get our hands on more bottles soon as it is such a delicious wine.   

Enjoy delicious organic wines that are better for you & are so tasty! 

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