New Wines at Organic Wine Club - November 2016

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New wines at Organic Wine Club November 2016: 4 natural wines with no added sulphites

We have some customers who come in to our store and ask for something new and exciting. Aren't we all sometimes tired of the same old, same old and would like to challenge our palates and find some exciting flavours (sometimes by trial and error of course).

Here are 4 natural wines that were produced with no added sulphites (read, better for you and your body) that we've selected and added to our wine list this month. Let's quickly outline why are they so special.




Start with the natural white wine.

Redentore delle Venezie Pinot Grigio 2015 from Italy is your super fruity Pinot Griogio that is not what some people call 'restrained' style - it is rather full on with the fruit, yet the winemaker managed to keep it elegant. Some customers note how funky is the bottle and it divides them - would you say it is nice or not?

Think about elegant starters, soups, vegetables risotto and grilled fish.

Elegant fruity aromas are accentuated with nuts and toasted almonds. Flavours are elegant and fresh with an excellent balanced minerality.

The wine's complexity (as opposed to some inexpensive and watery Pinot Griogios) coming from the fact that the wine has been kept on noble lees for a few months. Really worth a sip! Light in alcohol too - 12% abv is how you look better for your waistline too.

We follow with a very perfumed red which we really recommend to chill slightly, otherwise this overly perfumed wine can knock you out (just kidding!). We are talking about Chateau Le Roc 2014, Cotes du Frontonnais Classique, France. Fronton was quite prominent on the wine map a few centuries ago but, being so close to Bordeaux, got overshadowed and now really needs a few fantastic estates to get the name back where it belongs. This wine is made from a local variety called Negrette - it is the one responsible for a dark colour (hence the name) and incredible perfume. If you thought Zinfandel was perfumed, you haven't tried this one yet! It has also up to 30% Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon to smoothen and enrich the body of this wine.

It is quite contrasting how incredible perfume and medium body of this wine can create such a light flavour sensation of this natural wine produced without added sulphites. We love it!

Now we move to Sicily - here is where Baglio Rosso 2014 Nero d'Avola is produced. The wine is certified organic and has really low amount of sulphites (only naturally occurring, the volcanic soil really gives back some of its qualities to the wine).

A full bodied, ripe and juicy red from the sun-drenched Italian island of Sicily. Packed with ripe black cherry fruit and hints of pepper, this supple wine is unoaked and has deliciously refreshing acidity. The Nero d'Avola grape variety is indigenous to Sicily, where hot sunny days and cool fresh nights provide the perfect conditions for growing ripe but beautifully balanced red grapes capable of highly expressive wines such as this. We love how dark and almost inky dark is this wine. It had pronounced fruit flavours and aromas that are balanced with high acidity of this wine. You can chill it for a bit if you want to enjoy it on a more sunny and warm day or just drink it at room temperature if you are not impressed by a miserable drizzle outside.

Finally, our great find comes from Spain, just a few hours drive from Barcelona and just next to a famous DOCa region of Priorat, we've found a richer, fuller and smoother red wine from Montsant: Comunica 2012

Again, similarly as with Sicily, the soil is very different here, think about thick layers of slate and very sturdy bush vines - you picture Montsant well. The wine is produced with minimal intervention, contains low levels of naturally occurring sulphites (around 30mg/l and takes a lot from the soil), would be best with grilled meats or perhaps richer and meatier salads.

This lively red wine enchants with its raspberry, blackberry and cherry fruit aromas, spices, smoke, herbs and stony minerality. On the palate the wine is full-bodied, with fruit, mineral and herb components all in perfect harmony.

We will keep updating you on our great finds every month, so come back for more and hope you enjoy!

New wines at Organic Wine Club November 2016

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