Organic Stars in our wine list: Horsmonden white, Davenport, Sussex

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Davenport Horsmonden white 2014 English organic white wine from East Sussex

Our mission is to introduce you to a range of better and healthier wines; we believe there is nothing much better than local produce. Organic English wines are rare, but they do exist and we've selected a few which are of superb flavour profile.

Many of us like to go and explore fresh, seasonal local produce at farmer's markets, eat healthy and nutrition-rich meals. We go to gyms, enjoy our walks in the park with family and friends and we believe you should consider adding local organic wines to your menu too.

May we suggest you can start with this white wine - Horsmonden 2014 (that's the name of that small part of their vineyard) white wine that comes from Davenport Vineyards in East Sussex. If you have visited RAW wine fair already, you've probably met Will Davenport, his passion for organic viticulture and quality wines could not be missed! His wines fully reflect his passionate approach to winemaking too.

This white wine delights with its lime aromas, zesty freshness, floral notes, blossom hints and vivacity. You can taste its great concentration of apple and yeasty flavours. It is complex, but still very refreshing.

It is made of a selection of grape varieties that strive in cooler climates: Ortega, Faber, Siegerrebe, Bacchus, Huxelrebe. Davenport wines are certified by Soil Association as organic and are also suitable for vegans.

A word about vegan wines. Many people ask us how it is possible that the wine can be not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. There is a small difference in the winemaking process: some can decide to filter, fine or stabilise the wines using animal derived materials - isinglass (made of fishbones), animal intestines, milk, gelatin or eggs. As a result, those wines become unsuitable for people who follow a strict vegan diet. There is no strict requirement to label the wines as vegan friendly, but we at Organic Wine Club always reference our wines if they are suitable for vegans in each of the wine's tasting note and also created some amazing vegan friendly and allergen free wine cases for you to explore.

Finally, coming back to Horsmonden, another benefit of this wine is that its complexity of fresh fruit flavours doesn't come at a price of high alcohol content - this wine is amazingly low in it, just at 11.5% abv. It means that when you are following drinking guidelines you can now 'afford' to have a bit larger glass with no compromise on wine units and wine calories (see our reference to wine calories and units in wine here).

Our food recommendation: our best choice is something a bit acidic, a bit salty, but still fairly light in flavour. We've sourced some fresh fish from Cornwall (gorgeous sea bream), simply pan fried fillets and served it with crushed potatoes and samphire, lightly seasoned with a bit of salt, pepper and lemon juice. This wine made is so much more special!



If you are looking for more of English organic wines, we've got a few more including fantastic English sparkling wine, a few options for a delicious rose wine and even the most delicious we've ever tried in England Pinot Noir! The latter isn't cheap at all, but Pinot Noir lovers simply should buy and try - it displays truly gorgeous fruit!

Hope you enjoy! Please let us know! Cheers

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