Organic Stars in our wine list: Fatalone Primitivo, Puglia, Italy

Posted on August 12, 2016 by Dimitri Safonov | 2 comments

We are not just to brag about our bestselling organic wines, but also to give some stage to ones that are not selling well, but are stars in our eyes. Let us introduce you to Fatalone Primitivo from Puglia, Italy and outline why we think it is awesome!

First of all, Primitivo is such an uninspiring name, isn’t it? It sounds like it is a simplistic, almost primitive wine, not worth of any attention. I remember I came across this grape variety 5 or 6 years ago, bought it from a well known supermarket chain and thought it was alright. It did not blew my mind and the name probably matched to my experience. So I cannot blame anyone who is not impressed by it as well.

Yet when our supplier insisted we try this Italian organic wine, we were amazed by its story and flavours. Let is tell you all about it!

Fatalone Primitivo - Italian organic red wine from PugliaThe wine is made at a small family run winery situated on a rocky hilltop to the south of Gioia del Colle in the middle of Puglia. The exact location is 45 km away from Adriatic Sea to the east and also 45 km away from Ionian Sea to the south. They started to bottle single variety Primitivo wines back in 1987.

Knowing that it is not surprising that they are the only winery to host wine tasting of 10  vintages of their Primitivo wines - it shows longevity of their organic Primitivo!

What is also amazing is that they age their wines with the application of music therapy (we know, so unusual!). They spend some budget on careful organic certification too - the wines are certified organic by EU standards but United States of America too.

The production is 100% sustainable without any use of irrigation, zero CO2 emissions, powered by only solar energy. Just to also confirm that they do not buy grapes externally - they use only ones they grow themselves.

Finally, about the taste. Flavours of this organic Primitivo wine are of fresh and cooked strawberries with rich but elegant balsamic notes and touches of pepper. It is an amazing wine - if you like strawberries under some balsamic and maybe some cheese, it will blow your mind, promise!

Have a look at this magnificent wine - we simply do not have any ideas why it won’t sell. It is well priced too!

We have just received a few amazing pictures from this passionate winemaker. Have a look and it is almost like you've been there yourself!

Puglia landscape - Fatalone - organic Primitivo

vines - organic Primitivo - Fatalone

organic Primitivo vines - closer look at Fatalone, Puglia

Fatalone owners at cellar - organic winetasting

Fatalone cellar - organic Primitivo - Italian red wine

Dimitri Safonov organic wine expert wine buyer WSET DiplomaThis review was prepared by Organic Wine Club wine buyer and also that person responsible for marketing. His name is Dimitri Safonov and he holds Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Diploma to be fully qualified to present you with the professional judgement on the given organic wine. Visit us in-store to get to know about organic wine (he might be there!) or send him a question online, he would be delighted to help you with anything related to organic wine! 


organic Zinfandel wine Bonterra California USAP.S. For those wine lovers who want to expand on this and try Primitivo in a different capacity, we have organic Zinfandel made by Bonterra in California. Zinfandel is regarded as Californian star, but it is indeed Primitivo!



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Organic Wine Club
Organic Wine Club

October 04, 2017

Dear Marianne,
There is no clarification or fining involved in the process at all. Completely allergen free with an exception of very small addition of sulphites at the end.

Hope it helps!
Organic Wine Club

Marianne Gutierrez
Marianne Gutierrez

October 04, 2017

Can you let me know what products are used for the clarification processes and the production methods of this wine. (Organic Primitivo) I am intolerant to lactose and milk and gluten and the wheat family of grains.

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