Organic Stars in our wine list: Sedilesu Cannonau Sartiu, Sardinia, Italy

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We start to pinpoint some of our hidden gems for you in our, hopefully, regular column: 'Organic Stars'. It will outline some of note-worthy examples in our organic wine list.

Cannonau SartiuAllow us to introduce you to a glorious organic red - Sedilesu Cannonau Sartiu 2012, Sardinia, Italy. Cannonnau is a local grape in Sardinia and it a close relative to Garnacha or Grenache. You can expect ripe red berry fruit, juiciness and a spicy punch. Sardinia provides good growing environment with its stony and elevated soils, proximity to sea and very warm yet varied climate. Its name celebrates the island's Carnival, so it aims to cheer and uplift drinkers and diners.

What is also very special here is that Sardinia was mentioned as one of 4 'blue spots' on our planet Earth, which has the biggest proportion of centenarians. If they managed to live 100+ years then there is something there, including quality food and drink, don't you think? 

We have embedded a TED  talk for you to have a look at what they say about centenarians.

For us this wine was surprising as it delivered something unexpected: you notice fairly light ruby colour and expect something lighter in body and flavours too - but it is not true with this wine, it offers much more richness.

It is also not fined or filtered at all, so you get it in a very natural form.

We have also received a fantastic set of images to showcase how the growers work their land, how stunning is the landscape, how happy these organic wine growers are, their sustainable way of treating the vines and environment. This is a true celebration of organic viticulture. Hope you love them too!

Sardian wine - organic red wine from Italy - Sedilesu Cannonau Sartiu

Sardinian organic viticulture - Cannonau Sartiu Giuseppe Sedilesu

happy organic growers - Sardinian wine - Sedilesu Cannonau Sartiu

organic Cannonau grapes - Sardinian wine

vines and Sardinian landscape - organic wine from Italy - Sedilesu Cannonau Sartiu

Cannonau grapes - organic wine from Sardinia - Sedilesu Cannonau

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