Organic Stars in our wine list: Segna de Cor, Le Roc des Anges from Roussillon

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Segna de Cor Domaine Le Roc des Anges, Cotes du Roussillon, France - great organic red wine

We all like to be pleasantly surprised, don't we? I remember getting this bottle and thinking 'ah, there is a bombastic blend of Grenache Noir, Carignan and Syrah; it is rather rich and robust, I should wait till I cook something very flavoursome'. Yet when I was ready to try the wine, I've noticed that it was incredibly low in alcohol - just 12.5%. It got me thinking that this wine is not as simple and straightforward as three organic grape varieties blended into one. Let's explore!

Cotes du Roussillon Village is located on the very southern part of French Mediterranean coast, close to Pyrennees and Spain. You will arrive to Catalunya shortly after crossing the border. As you can imagine it is hot, but there is definitely some influence from the mountains. As you already know from our Types of Wine guide, hot climates usually tend to give jammy reds from these quite robust varieties, but proximity of high altitudes allows grapes to cool down at night and gives them freshness.

So let's continue with some wine facts: Segna de Cor that is coming from Domaine Le Roc des Anges is made by Marjorie Gallet by blending precisely 50% Grenache, 30% Carignan and 20% Syrah. It is certified organic and made with no allergens used (no milk, no eggs etc).

Marjorie created the estate back in 2001 alone, with 10 ha of old vines, in 2002-2007 she buys a few more parcels and extends her vineyards to 25 ha with an annual production of 45,000 bottles. In 2008, Marjorie is joined by Stephane to manage the estate and they move the cellar from Tautavel to Montner. They also create the Domaine Les Terres de Fagayra in Maury.

The soil is unique and is composed of old rotten schists of 570 million years old! These decomposed flaky schists allow excellent drainage but encourage the vines to form deep root systems. That gives grapes that unique minerality and richness. That is why the whole domaine is called Stone of an Angel.

In the winery a traditional press is used, exerting the mildest of pressure, extracting limpid juice. Vinification is in concrete tanks ranging between 24 and 50hl, and the shape of the tanks and the level of the fill determine appropriately gentle extraction. Ageing takes place in two types of containers; concrete – which exalts the aromatic purity and freshness of the wine - and wood (for about 30-40% of the elevage) in the form of one-to-three year old barrels.

As a result this wine is very soft, smooth, silky and smoky! Lively and fresh in the mouth, gentle flavours of red grape and sweet berry, dried spices and roasted herbs. You can taste a very clean and lingering finish.

Winemakers recommend sourcing ingredients for their local feast: saddle of lamb, hare, wild boar, duck, anything gutsy and gamey. 

For us this wine is juicy, surprisingly light and at the same time with a very good complexity - it is truly a work of art! The light alcohol content doesn't make this wine too light, yet it gives it some versatility - you can lightly chill it for summer time enjoyment or let it breathe and enjoy in cooler months for a satisfying and warming accompaniment to a great dinner.  

We are very excited to be selling this organic red wine as it comes from a passionate artisan producer and represents well what organic viticulture and winemaking is all about! Hope you will enjoy it too.  

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