Organic Stars in our wine list: Tragolargo 2014 from Alicante

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Tragolargo 2014 by Rafa Bernabe from Alicante: our new organic star!

We present you the following reasons this organic red wine should cost much more

Do you think a particular wine can have it all? Amazing flavours, all-round pleasant profile, certified organic, no added sulphites, no filtration and unclarified…

It definitely can be.. with a massive price tag to it (you’d think!)

Allow us to introduce you to our great find of this year - Tragolargo 2014. It is made of two grape varieties - Monastrell and Garnacha. First one is quite typical to Alicante/Valencia region for dry red wine type. It is hot overthere to ripen it fully and make it juicy & rich with black fruit flavours and quite deep. We love this dry red wine! The winemaker did an excellent job to ensure there is no astringency coming from young Monastrell as his wine hasn’t seen any oak maturation at all. Garnacha adds a bit lighter body to it, so the wine is juicier, more easy to drink and also has this much of sweetness and spice that make it more complex.

Are you always very sure what type of wine you are buying based on the label?

Tragolargo 2014 back label

We love its label - not the t-shirt on the front (have no idea what it is all about, need to get in touch with the producer!), but a very detailed and clear information on the back of this dry red wine. You wouldn’t need to read half of this wine review if you’d have a bottle in your hands! Only kidding, we hope it is useful for you to understand what to expect from this organic wine.

So how much is this dry red wine?

We’ve teased you about the price already. Well, this Spanish wine is just £11.50 (members can get it for less with their 10% discount). Isn't it great that such a masterpiece is available for under £12? If you are our wine club member, you can get this red red wine for less with your 10% exclusive wine club discount!

Just a quick note on the pricing structure. When you go to an average retail outlet here in the UK, you should expect that the actual wine at the source will cost less than 50p when it retails for a fiver here in the UK. Similarly one given wine sold for £9.99 will mean its cost at the winery will be around £2.40. UK duty, shipping, storage, distribution and retails - it all adds up. Hence our astonishment that such a good wine was made on a budget. 

Organic winery that produces this natural dry red wine

OK, well if you are reading his far, it means you have a few more minutes to spare (no excuses here). Here is an important bit about who is behind this delicious organic wine.

Rafa Bernabé and his wife Olga set up the project in order to help protect local traditional viticulture, especially where there was a risk of some vineyards being sold to property speculators. The vineyards are all dry grown, old bush vines with very small yields. Rafa wants to respect this sense of place by intervening as little as possible both in the vineyard and in the winery.

That is why this wine is organic, natural, no added sulphites and no filtration. Did we say it was also suitable for vegans and vegetarians? All grapes were hand harvested, so you are drinking this dry red wine which was carefully produced from grape to your glass. Enjoy!

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