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There is a huge number of things that you are faced with, finding a job, making friends, finding a spouse for instance. When it comes to owning a business the difficulties and challenges can be tremendous.

Here at Organic Wine Club, we have encountered some incredible things, but with very careful planning and our insatiable desire to see our business succeed. With all this we have almost managed to overcome almost everything, with only one single exception. Sadly, this is the ability to get customer’s orders delivered from store to door in one piece 100% of the time.

Once upon a time, Andrew Lloyd Webber had an issue with how do you solve a problem like Maria? Well consider this, how do we solve a problem like damaged wine consignments?

At the beginning of our business lives, to say that we were a little wet behind the ears would be an understatement! However, as time lapsed we managed to understand, as did the bank balance. Replacing all these breakages is not an inexpensive task.

So now here at Organic Wine Club, we are almost 18 months old and we have also manged to get through 3 different courier providers. Where we are now however is that we have found a company that is able to get 97% of our consignments shipped, hassle free with our customers being in complete control!

After all this time we have now finally managed to get this resolved to almost perfection, and sadly an email drops into my inbox with one of the business situations that we need to deal with.

The contents of this email did not make for nice reading. As the current climate around the world is suffering with many different crises’, the situation with the falling value of the British Pound has been very well covered and publicised.  This situation is hitting everyone from all walks of life and unfortunately we are not an exception. But we are not like everyone else and we have chosen to look at this is a very different way! We have decided that we will not dramatically increase the rates that we charge our customers for shipping just because it’s the easy option and we can blame someone else for the rate rise. Throughout our brief history, we have mentioned in a few different articles about who we are and what our values mean to us and how it has impacted in the creation of our business. So, this means that we want as much of our organic wines to be available to as many people as possible.

Changes in delivery fees

Due to the rising costs of fuel and the decision of our courier company to pay the voluntary Living Wage, the cost that we pay of each consignment will have to increase. We are glad that there is now new and improved features that will allow our customers even greater control of their orders. From another ethical vantage point I am exceptionally proud to be working with a partner that will be paying this voluntary minimum wage.

So where does that leave things at Organic Wine Club? Well sadly we need to respond somehow. Currently we do not make any profit from our shipping rates as we only charge what we currently have to pay. In order to keep the rates the same for our customers we will now have to increase the free delivery for all orders £150.00.

However, in the immortal words of Russell Howard, it’s not all doom and gloom. We have now also added a new lower fee for customers who order either 1 or 2 bottles. For these orders you will be able to pay a reduced fee of £4.95 and we will ship these securely with Royal Mail.

This may seem like a long-winded explanation, but we pride ourselves on the fact that we are on open, honest and fair retailer. We wanted to offer the full truths and explanations behind this decision as we are aware that it will affect many if our customers. To any of these customers in particular, we do hope that you can understand the need for these changes and we do sincerely apologise if it will cause any issues for your wine buying needs.

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