Organic Wine Club - Where It All Began

Posted on 14 September, 2018 by Jack Barbour | 0 comments

In the beginning, Organic Wine Club was created by two passionate individuals who wanted to make a difference! To share our love of organic wine, understanding sulphites, but who also didn’t want to continue running the rat race.

But what drove us to create Organic Wine Club? Well, we've got 2 very different stories!

For Dimitri: I love wine, and I always have! Ever since the first time I sampled this alcoholic grape juice at a friends house for the first time I was in love with wine. 

But suddenly I started to realise that I was struggling with my favourite beverage and past-time. i was struggling with a small single glass of wine, I couldn't sleep and I had issues the next day with crippling headaches. So after some investigation, I realised the issue for me was sulphites.

So I embarked on a new discovery and I went looking for organic wines. I started to enjoy wine again, but I was upset by the lack of variety. So that's when I realised that I wanted something different, I had to something about it myself. So after a few days of thinking, the concept that would become Organic Wine Club, was scribbled down on a sheet of paper.

For Alex: well, that's a much simpler story! After a somewhat colourful conversation with my boss, the decision was plain and simple, apologise or resign. I guess its easy to work out what decision I made! 

Like all of our wines, the shop has a very unique and individual story. The shop was entirely renovated, without the help of craftsmen, by Alex, who has never done any DIY, the website was created entirely by Dimitri, and we were watched over by our watchful guard dog Lucky, who fortunately/unfortunately has no idea how to bite, simply how to make the loudest noise!

On Monday 27th June 2016, we launched officially knowing that with the difficulties and uncertainties facing us, it was going to be hard work and that it was never going to make us rich.

Two years later, I hope, it’s safe to say we have succeeded in our mission to help share the great joy of organic wines. But most importantly, we hope we’ve made a difference to people’s lives by shouting about sulphites. Our first ever sale was for a truck-load of sulphite free wine, so we did know from this 'market research' that it is a direction for Organic Wine Club!

We hope that you have a great day and make sure you ask, even if it seems like a silly question.

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