Organic Wine Club's green code of sustainable wine business

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Organic Wine Club's green code of sustainable wine business

Since the very beginning, Organic Wine Club was created to serve customers who are taking care about themselves, wider community and also environment.

Is it where mindfulness extends to wine? We do not know.

Our mission is:

to help people drink less but better wines.

It might seem controversial or even naive to hear from the wine business, but we do believe in quality and not sheer quantity.

Quality is also a rather subjective matter. For us it is all about absence of artificial pesticides and chemicals, passionate winemaking without additives and excessive sulphites. It results in delicious and pure wines that are diet friendly as they contain minimal amounts of residual sugars (no added for sure).

It reaffirms our clear vision for the business: we help customers succeed in their happy and healthy lifestyle goals.

Our mission and vision statements remain unchanged since we've launched our business in June 2016, here is a Manifesto that we have published back then.

Our core values are also reflected in our everyday activities, promotions and business choices that we make.

'If not us then who? If not now then when?'

We are a small business that wants to make a big impact. We start with ourselves to become more and more sustainable as individuals, but also as a special organic wine retailer. 

We aim to get better working hours (which was not entirely possible when we just started our business).

We treat all our customers and partners with respect and honesty. We align our promotions and marketing to be sustainable, fairly priced (you won't see massive discounts or inflated margins).

This is one of the reasons we're no longer doing superficial discounts for the Black Friday sales. Instead, we promote giving back to those who needs our help. Have a look at our Black Friday and Cyber Monday blog post to learn more and donate.

We've mentioned sulphites, added sugars and other nasty additives that are injected into conventional wines, we do whatever we can to spread the word about healthier wines - organic and natural. However, there are issues less visible than nutrition. Stress and busyness are major causes of mental health issues for millions of people.

We support social enterprises that are doing their best to help. We continue our December 2016 initiative by offering a generous charitable donations on Il Terraio wines sold. Why this wine? It is made by Italian cooperative that offers its vineyards for people rehabilitating from mental illnesses. Read more how you can join our forces and donate to Mind charity.

It is not just about us. Happy people around us form healthy communities

Research has shown that happiness index correlates with the levels of inequality. So it means when you donate to a foodbank, volunteer at your local charity or simply say no to poverty and unreasonable CEO bonuses, you are making your own community better and help to increase happiness in your society.

That is why we align ourselves with charities who are on the forefront of helping people around us, whether they are a victim of online bullying or mental health issues.

On top of that, if you want to learn more about the fascinating world of wine, we offer a discount on our Foundation Wine Course, which contains 6 super easy lessons on wines, grape varieties, wine & food matching and healthier wine drinking tips. Till the end of 2017, 50% of profits will be donated to Mind charity by us with your help.

Support income equality

When we say about income inequality, we want to stay fair to everyone who is involved in organic wine production and sales.

Do you know that when you buy a bottle of wine that retails at around £6, the winemaker only receives less than 50p? Here is our blog post about wine prices. We do not know what's inside of those bottles, but it is not the only point. Buying a fairly made and adequately priced product, you are supporting small businesses that work hard to get the best possible wine for you. The money paid for such bottle of wine goes to support wine growers, producers, transport companies, distribution and retail.

We want to support artisan producers who are making fantastic natural wines. They keep local traditions, use indigenous grape varieties, wild yeasts and care deeply about their wines, vineyards, soil and wider environment. It is such a stark contrast when it comes to industrial mass produced wines neutered with chemicals, sulphites and additives.

Our environment: a bigger picture

Better communities, income equality means happiness for everyone but also for our future generations. Organic and sustainable business care for our environment by minimising carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. Individually, we all can opt to eat more plant based meals and recycle our waste to name just a few.

As for the environment, we have seen absolutely polar examples: from overly sprayed fields that cannot sustain the growth of carrots anymore to abandoned vineyards rejuvenated by biodynamic practices and now producing quality grapes.

We are convinced that every small decision of ours that we make everyday - print less, mostly engage in digital marketing and opting to use environmentally friendly formats like wine boxes, packaging and shipping companies - impacts our communities and environment.

Real change starts with everyone of us

We can then influence our families and communities and together achieve a better life for ourselves and our future generations.

Organic Wine Club advocates for a certain quality of life -  we want to afford a modern luxury of having enough time to enjoy simple things that matter.

We want to share enthusiasm about natural wines with everyone. We don't want to be just 'money for wine' exchange; we encourage everyone to participate and discuss. Being informative and educational is important as it helps us to fulfil our mission.

We want to promote a sustainable outlook and a healthier, more mindful way of life. Mindfulness is also about being empathetic, playful and joyful, yet very serious about our core values.

Everyone can truly treasure natural wines, savour every drop and share them with friends and family.

This is our own green code for a sustainable wine business

We invite all of you on this journey with us. Please do share your feedback. Maybe you have some suggestions for our business how to do even better in our green code?

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