Organic wine for so many occasions: 6 great wines for your wine rack

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great organic wines for different occasions and your wine rack

There are plenty of wines out there: some are good wines, some are a bit of a disappointment, some are for your everyday dining and some for special occasions. We’ve tasted a lot of organic wines to select just a few great wines for you. This case is to showcase your week in wine: from some straightforward flavours to more complex and to party wine. If you are going to be celebrating anything, we’ve got the wine for that too!

Here are 6 delicious organic wines for your wine rack

Monday: non alcohol day - pick a day and stick to the rule - your body would love you for that!

Tuesday: fish day - pair with a bottle of Pinot Grigio Redentore from Italy - an elegant white wine with fruity aromas which are accentuated with nuts and toasted almonds. Flavours are fresh with an excellent balanced minerality. Pair with delicious starters, soups, vegetables risotto and grilled fish.

Wednesday: spicy day - pair your curries or Chinese with this aromatic Viognier that is full of honeysuckle aromas: Heritage Viognier 2015 from Pays d'Oc in France - organic Viognier from south of France is aromatic white wine full of jasmine, mango and apricot aromas. It has a pale yellow colour with some green tints as it is rather youthful. On the palate is opens up as a richer in style white wine with juicy melon, stone fruits and slightly toasted notes.

Thursday: veggie day - pair with a bottle of Rioja Vina Illusion is unoaked (Joven) style of classic Rioja and will be an exciting find for everyone who loves Tempranillo in its purest form. It has an abundance of light spicy notes that will complement any veggie dish very well. Spanish wine should not be just about oaky Rioja wine, this juicier Joven style of Spanish wine is amazing just lightly chilled.

Friday: meat feast day - you will need a bottle of richer, black fruit tasting from south of Spain - meet Vina Elena Pacheco from Jumilla. A superb red wine that will pair well to Sunday roasts - it is versatile enough to pair well with lamb, beef and even chicken. Just have some gravy - this wine loves herbs, so cook with generous amount. When we think about Spanish wine it is normally all about richness and depth of flavour. Even though this is a great value red wine, it won't disappoint with its black fruit flavour, as many bottles of good Spanish wine!

Saturday: tapas or BBQ party day - it is time to get friends together for some party! You will need something easy going yet flavourful to match with a selection of tapas or BBQ: a bottle of Aroa Garnacha Tinto 2015 from Navarra - also fresh and aromatic red wine, light to medium bodied, some sweetness from ripe grapes, red berries and sweet spice flavours. Another Spanish wine and another cracking flavour profile, it is such  good red wine you will be back for more. Promise!

Sunday: a special bottle for precious times - either you are to spend this day with your dearest or simply congratulate yourself on a successful week, this bottle of Mamuthone Cannonau by Giuseppe Sedilesu is going to go down as a treat. Promise! This red wine is coming from the same winery that has produced our bestselling Cannonau Sartiu, yet in this case it has been matured in oak for an extra year and the grapes are coming from a small designated plot, which is regarded by this organic vineyard as the best. Rich in phenolics and antioxidants and coming from our mother Earth ‘blue spot’ - Sardinia -  one of the highest proportion of centenarians on the planet, this delightful organic red wine is worth every penny and more. Good red wine shouldn't break your bank, get the below case for your varied red wine types: on a budget and to celebrate your days off.

Why your wine rack will love you for these organic wines

Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter which day you pick for what - fish, veggie, meat or alcohol-free. What matters is good times and great company. Pick your wines accordingly. This selection was not to break your bank as most of these wines are on the budget. Mamuthone Cannonau is definitely more expensive, but there is a lot to get for that price: not only rich in antioxidants wine, but great flavours from a single estate red wine. No sulphites added Aroa Garnacha is one of those red wines that are lighter and healthier for your body.  No wine allergy for anybody too. Finally, £9.90 for Pacheco by Vina Elena is such an amazing price as the wine is simply gorgeous - straightforward Monastrell, ripe black fruit and depth from this Spanish DO of Jumilla.

Get it today, add to your wine rack and enjoy responsibly!

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