Organic Wine Tasting Report: Alexander's Favourites

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Organic Wine Tasting report: Alexander's Favourites

I’m not sure why I am here writing this, perhaps my business partner had too much to do! Anyway, I’m Alex and I manage our store in South West London and it seemed like a good idea to try and select a few wines that were my personal favourites and let our customers sample them. There are pro’s and con’s to this idea!

Now that the wine has stopped free pouring and I’ve dried up I can get a pen to paper for you guys. So here I am a week later, writing a review of the wines.

It was an interesting day, with 3 wines, that was not easy to choose. I had to whittle the list down from 9 including the most delicious Prosecco, Era. It's just so good! So on the day we ended up with:

Titouan, Barbera from Italy, 2015

Bonterra, Zinfandel from California, 2013

Zebro, a red blend from Portugal, 2014

Why these wines?

What I love from these and respect from their makers is the simplicity they provide when drinking on their own. But then when you pair them with food they come alive and the nose and palates of these wines are just inspirational!

Titouan, is just an incredibly smooth Barbera from Piemonte in Italy. This wine is actually named after the first horse used to work the vineyard. I like the sentiment in that, people are willing to praise the animals that are part of this ancient and natural process. So the bio dynamic wine itself, it is incredibly soft and round. The delicate and balanced flavours of dark cherries and berries are just an absolute delight. Adding food to this, venison! An incredibly seared venison steak with a lip smacking plum sauce brings this wine alive! I have tried this and I can promise you, it will not disappoint! Considering this, it is also vegan friendly and I cannot wait to find some time to make a vegetable wellington!

Bonterra Zinfandel. This wine puzzles me! You cannot detract anything from this wine as it is a revelation from California. But normally it is something I would chose to avoid. I have had too many bad experiences with these wines and I just struggle to comprehend how this wine can be so good! I remember the first time I sampled this wine I had just tasted about 4 great wines that I couldn’t stop raving about and then saw California. So ok hit me up, with a completely negative mind set, in an instant that was transported. The rich aromas and near perfect peppery and spicy notes take you to a Moroccan casbah with bramble apples and spices that just sit in the most inspirational way that gives you everything you want just at that moment before it becomes to much! I will not say that I am a convert, but I will admit I may have misjudged. So how do you improve this wine, you eat it with spicy meatballs, spaghetti with rich tomato puttanesca! 

So I think my actual favourite, Zebro. This is why Portugal should make wine! It also gave me a bit of a history lesson. Zebras were first discovered by Portuguese sailors when they were colonising Africa. They discovered a strange looking horse with black and white stripes, and so zebro or zebra was born. Not that this wine has anything to do with zebras, it was an offering to the world from Portugal. As is this scrumptious wine. Its like drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows in from of the fire on snowy day! Its rich and warming texture just slips down and warms every part of you. What’s good about it is you can feel this. It has an array of red berries in its bouquet that is like a fruit stall at a summer market. I love it! Looking for something to eat, try this with grilled white meat. The fruit flavours will just explode in you mouth with chicken and pork.

We've had so much positive feedback from our customers on that day. I'm truly grateful to everyone who have tried these three organic wines with us. Please come back for more!

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