Return of Spring, Time to Think Pink?

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Organic Rose Wine: time to think pink

Have you seen the sunshine recently? To be honest I’m not sure how you could have missed it! Well unless you’re a night owl I suppose. Anyway, a little bit of sunshine goes a long way and makes the mind think all the great things that are on the way, barbeques, picnics in the park, shorts and of course a perfectly chilled bottle of rose wine! Yes, it’s that time of year again to start thinking pink! Whether you want pink, salmon or rose wine, to be fair does it really matter? Spring is finally here!

After an exceptionally longer January, train strikes, miserable winds I cannot wait to get stuck back into the organic rose selection. We have spent the last few months trying to line up some stunners and this summer we will not disappoint! With our current range of 8 which is still growing, a sparkling red and even a sparkling rose on the way I have had a lot of fun recently! So here are a few of our standout favourites! Just because I like to keep things interesting, there’s a few odd balls here too!

Domaine Saint Irenee, Syrah Rose

I LOVE THIS! If for any reason, you need some convincing then you need to try this. It is just the nicest thing. It has a beautiful delicate pink colour that looks like it should be cuddled for an eternity. The aroma and taste of this wine will just make you fall in love all over again. There is absolutely nothing that you can say to knock this wine. It is simply just awesome!

Imagine summer time, sitting on Henman Hill or Murray Mound, with the hot summer rays, flip flops and a delightful bowl of strawberries and cream. That is exactly what this wine is, just with a minimum amount of sweetness that is felt just on the tip of your tongue to tease you. It has a freshness that is so lively but light at the same time. Then a bouquet of strawberries that you imagine Little Red Riding Hood has in her basket taking to her lovely Grandma.

If you need a gift, something for your summer barbeque or just something to keep all to yourself this is the wine for you! How can I get any better? Oh yeah, the price! It is an absolute steal.

Musikanto, No Added Sulphite Garnacha

So, we started this wine adventure just over a year ago, and there have been a few things that have alluded us. One of them has been a rose wine with no added sulphites, and now finally after what seemed like a mission impossible search we finally found one! Musikanto! A truly unique name for a bottle of rose wine, but what the hell it’s the wine that counts right! From a producer, outside of Alicante, Spain, Rafa Bernabe are producing some inspirational wines and this is no exception.

The wine has an incredible aroma, stick your nose into the glass and your hit with the scent of a strawberry field! It is amazing, it takes me back to my younger days of strawberry picking so that we could make homemade jam. Then there is the taste, it is delicately balanced with strawberries and wild raspberries, has a freshness that is coupled with just the perfect amount of acidity.

So, a great wine, certified organic and with no added sulphites this is most probably going to be a big summer hit!

Domaine Sainte Marie, Cotes de Provence

So, it really would not be fair to write about rose wines without adding something about something special from Provence. But should I add it here just for the sake of it? No I shouldn’t, but I want to because it truly deserves the entire world’s attention.

Obviously, a rose wine from Provence is not for everyone, however if its tickles your sweet spot, theoretically, then this is something for you. Domaine Sainte Maire sounds almost saint like but do not underestimate it. This wine should be swaggering around with an attitude and arrogance at what can only be described as enhanced perfection. It has a crisp dry freshness coupled with an acidity and delicate understated level of red fruit flavours that make it a stand out wine.

Lambrusco, Venturini Baldini Montelocco

Just thought I would sneak this one in here as it is a red one and not rose. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Lambrusco is back and it better be here to stay! No longer should it be resigned to a 3 litre bottle in a big chiller next to a cheeky bottle of lambrini. This sexy sparkler deserves it time in the lime light and I am determined to make you rethink this childhood Christmas day lunch memory! Because yes, we were all allowed a little bit of this back then. We all got just a little bit drunk with that aunt!

After sampling this again super chilled, it’s going to be hard to remember that Italy has a huge and infamous array of Prosecco! It really is just delightful. To be honest I have now ‘sampled’ so much rose wines I am running out if adjectives to describe how lovely it is. Honestly, think the beach scene in Thailand with Bridget Jones, with the mushrooms replaced with rose!

It’s a red fizz, it has an intense bubbly red colour, but its fizzy so don’t shake the glass too much. Stick your nose into it and try not to ingest the bubbles I mistakenly did. However, it helps with the enlightening blackberries and herby nose and taste. It is a little rich, almost to the point of indulgence. But it is just great. This really should become a new staple to life. Well it’s being added to mine that’s for sure.

Organic Pinot Noir from Alsace

So in the beginning I started talking about pink and rose wines. I then decided to give a mention to my delectable Lambrusco. So why I am now going to ramble on about a pinot noir?

Well let me tell you, now all I can think of is Rocky Horror! Pinot noir is obviously a notoriously difficult grape to grow, it needs so much attention, love and care it takes someone with a huge amount of patience and skill to grow. Alsace is obviously famous for its outstanding rieslings and gewürztraminers but now we have a producer, who is also a regional leader in bio-dynamic viticulture growing and creating just the insatiable red wine.

However, this does not sit on my shelf next to the rest of the other reds, it sits with pride of place amongst a range of very confused rose wines. The subject of chilling a red wine, pinot noir in particular, can be something of a contentious one. But again, let me tell you this wine is so light, so delicate and just so incredibly fantastic that there are only words that Willy Wonka could find words to give it justice.

Chill this wine, if you are a wine snob I don’t care. Chill this wine! The lightness of the colour makes it almost not purple and not on red wine scale chart. Again, the lightness of aroma and flavour will prove to you that I am right. Red delicate berries, crisp smoothness and the insanity of almost calling this a rose wine makes it something that should be on every one’s wish list this summer.

But don’t be fooled by what I have said below. Just because when its chilled its best described as a rose wine. Straight from the rack to glass its more that capable of holding its own!

Here is our organic rose wine collection below for your convenience and indulgence.

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