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Time is precious, don’t you think?

It is definitely a very valuable asset to say the least. We have lots of time, it is true. Yet do we really pay attention to things that matter?

We can claim back some additional time reserves by trusting professionals. My friends save time by getting help to do their cleaning, ironing and gardening. They can spend their precious little time watching their children grow up, enjoy time with friends and focus on the things that matter the most in life.

Let's talk about your wine decisions.

time to find a perfect wine

How long does it take you to pick a new bottle of wine?

I remember 10 years ago when I was really new to the world of wine it was quite quick: a few bottles of Merlot, Cabernet and Shiraz and I am sorted. At that time I have been more concerned about affording it and just trying to get the best wine for my limited money.

Yet a few years ago I was in a different pickle: I could afford better wines, but I did not know the difference between them. As my journey to a healthier lifestyle progressed, wine shopping became more and more difficult.

Many wines contain so much added sugar, sulphites, pesticides, colourants and flavour adjustments that it is insane. Yet there is nothing like that on the wine label.

Why do you think wine is almost the only food product with no ingredients on the label? Those big wine producers obviously don’t want you to know what’s really inside. That’s why it is difficult to get to grips what is a better wine.

It is only after trying a few organic retailers and co-founding a natural wine business, I know that each wine has a technical sheet that covers what’s actually inside it. Level of sulphites, amount of sugar and obviously alcohol are all there. It just so happens that not all of it is on the label.

That’s why I wanted Organic Wine Club to be different. By being helpful to our members by saving time and effort to offer the best tasting organic wines that are made naturally without additives, sulphites or sugars. Fine artisan natural wines are accessible for all health conscious wine drinkers or as a thoughtful gift.

ancient wine amphora

Let’s discuss whether wine is really timeless

Wine has been around for thousands of years. Arguably, it was born in ancient Georgia, and then it became popular during the Roman Empire dominance, then in Medieval times by monks and kings in Italy and France. It continued to evolve until modern times.

It did not taste like we know it does today. It hasn’t been neutered with excessive sulphites and preservatives and hasn’t been adjusted with over 50 allowed additives in the EU. Whilst USA allows over 70 additives that are marked as generally recognised as safe. Does it sound that safe though?

If you preserve wine, neuter it and literally squeeze all life from it, it will keep in the bottle for years providing the conditions are adequate. With the living wines (organic and natural) it is a bit more difficult as they continue to live in the bottle. With prolonged time they will die. However recent studies show that if the production of a natural wine was hygienic enough and grapes were carefully hand harvested, there are no reasons why this wine will spoil any time soon.

It all means we just need to pay attention to what matters to us. If your wellbeing is important, natural wines are definitely the healthier choice. Time is something that you can control. Enjoy it!

How can Organic Wine Club help to save you time?

healthy wine planOne of our newest features on our website is Tailor Your Own Health Conscious Wine Plan. It will take you a few minutes by simply selecting the style and type of wine you like and also your food preferences. Based on your selections and our wine expertise we will be able to send you a spectacular case of wine that you are going to love. What’s more, all the wines will be naturally made with no additives or excessive sulphites, so you also save time to source these as they are not widely available. Value your time and spend it generously!

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