Sulphite Free Diet: sulphites, sulfites or sulphur dioxide in food

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sulphite free diet: sulphites, sulfites, sulphur dioxide in food

We have been covering the role of sulphite in wine, but seem to forget that many other foods can trigger allergic reaction because of high sulphites content. Let's explore sulphites in food, what to avoid and replace, this will become our sulphite free diet.

Sulphites, sulfites or sulphur dioxide in food can trigger the same symptoms as with conventional wines - breathing problems, headaches, rash, itching, and much more severe if you are suffering from asthma.

Wine allergy and alcohol intolerance go hand in hand with food allergies. If you know that sulphites are triggering allergic reaction, there is no better way how to deal with it rather than to start avoiding foods and drinks that contain sulphites.

Sulphite Free Diet

Sulphites are added to food to prevent its spoilage, to slow browning of fruit, veg and seafood.

If you want to eliminate foods that can trigger an allergic reaction because of high sulphites concentration, you need to avoid the following:

  • pre-packed dried fruit mixes
  • shop bought relishes
  • pickles in a jar
  • high fructose corn syrup (most shop bought puddings will contain a lot of it)
  • skimmed milk
  • all kinds of shrimp (unfortunately as it needs to be super fresh)
  • frozen lobster and scallops
  • gelatine and jelling agents
  • jams
  • shop bought gravies
  • pre-packed sausages
  • frozen chips
  • pre-packed pizza
  • canned fruit
  • canned veg
  • canned soup
  • fruit squashes
  • beer, lager, cider
  • conventional wine 

Other ideas how to consume less sulphites

  • make your own salad dressings, marinades and sauces
  • use some lemon juice instead of vinegar
  • stop buying dried fruit and replace it with some fresh organic fruit
  • start paying attention to stock, make your own if you have time
  • don’t buy long life juices, opt for freshly squeezed ones with minimal shelf life
  • in case of alcohol allergy, limit your consumption of conventional beers, lagers and ciders

The biggest offenders - dirty sulphite list

There are three products that usually contain the biggest concentration of sulphites added to them.

World Health Organisation recommends that only 0.7mg/l of sulphites (sulfites) should be consumed per 1 kg of weight per day. It means that an adult of 70kg weight, who bought natural wine that contains 30 mg/l naturally occurring sulphites (or sulfites), can have a few large glasses of wine (up to half bottle). Obviously, when conventional wines containing over 150 mg/l it means much more harm to your body.  

Stay healthy and avoid foods that contain high levels of sulphites. Go and talk to local organic food producers, you find them at farmers' markets and online - they will provide you with fresh and delicious food; you just don't need to buy anything processed and preserved with a help of sulphites. Share this with anyone who might be sensitive or allergic to alcohol- help them to enjoy wine again and stay away from allergic reaction.

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june baguley
june baguley

June 19, 2017

The best selection of sulphite-free wines I have seen in one shop. great wines and a record is kept of what you buy, so if something is not quite to your taste the expert owner/buyers will search and recommend others until you have found the ones that really do hit the spot!

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