Summarising 2018, probably not the best idea!

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'Over the last 2 years, Dimitri and I would find the time to sit and try to summarise our year so that we could glorify the successes of our year. But after the last few months I’ve had, the shine has worn off and I’m sitting here alone drowning my sorrows with a bottle of my organic gin.'

If this article had been written by the person I was 5 years ago, that’s how it would have started, continued and finished. The problem I have though, is that I feel myself heading back towards that version of myself. Going backwards isn't always bad, but that’s not who I am anymore. Glimmers of this previous persona were skulking in the shadows this year, the perfect example being, me making whiny comments that the world should all start being a little nicer to each other. Why on earth would I think that? Probably because all I wanted was for people to start being nicer to me. A perfectly acceptable trait and the stereotypical temper tantrum of children over the age of 21.

Being honest however, it’s relatively clear for people to see that 2018 wasn’t the best year. With some incredible highs that reached beyond the stars, it has had some pretty shocking lows that have been described as being similar to Dante’s seven circles of hell. But if it's that obvious, then simply some self-reflection is needed to ensure that sensible business decisions are made in the future? Well any reasonable business-minded idiot could tell you that. So for me the real question remains, how does Organic Wine Club learn and grow beyond this year?

To be blunt, I don’t think that it will. What I do know however is that Organic Wine Club is about both Dimitri and myself, as well as everything we’d hope to achieve through this in life. What I also believe is that in order for this patronage free beverage dispenser to learn and grow, is for us as individuals to do so first. That way when we're looking in the mirror, the smiling reflection looking back is our lives loves, hopes and dreams, which should be the truest reflection of our developed and learned personalities.

At the very top of this post, there’s a list of names that I’m sure you may have queried. Articles of gratitude generally contain them, but usually at the end after you’ve finished piling praise unceremoniously over yourself first. I don’t think I’m that developed to be emotional about this, but I’ve come to realise that by doing this it’s essentially devoid of the actual sentiment and is really just meaningless.

Why should you list them last? Not unlike all the King’s Horses and the King’s Men that put Humpty Dumpty together again, this list of names is a collection of exceptional individuals from every walk of life that have shared the joy and great achievements, but equally picked up the broken pieces of me from the floor over this year. Personally speaking, I think they are the very greatest people that walk this earth and I owe an incredible debt too them, where merely words will never be able to compensate for everything that they have all done in times of light and dark.

There is one name missing though, let me not forget my co-founder Dimitri. The very main reasons that Organic Wine Club is in existence today is due to his love and passion of wine, his re-affirmed belief in the philosophy of organic produce and his dedication to strive for a simpler, healthier and better world. So, without him Organic Wine Club wouldn’t be here in this form. More importantly however, with his unfortunate absence this year, this business wouldn’t be the child I love and carry around with me every minute of every day. The same child that’s permitted me, through triumph and crippling humiliation, to become better educated so that I could take flight and flourish as a result. When trying to take the good with the bad equally, I’d never have progressed and developed into who I am today. Honestly, I think I would probably still be the spoilt, finger-pointing fairy that I eluded to earlier. So, to Dimitri, thank you. He is also blogging at and, which are two of his passions - wine and veganism. 

In concluding, normally I’d try to offer some level of wit or something annoyingly catchy and memorable, but with this I’ve struggled to try and find the best way or the correct expression to summarise what 2018 has been. Whilst writing this article though I’ve realised that 2018 was the year that, after 32 arduous years, I finally became an actual grown up.

So to everyone that come to visit us this year at Organic Wine Club, customers & members purchasing or not, winegrowers and their exceptional produce, suppliers and their magnificent teams behind the scenes and to everyone that has come into our world, thank you for absolutely everything and we wish you the greatest happiness in 2019!

Alex, Dimitri & Lucky
The Organic Rebels, Fighting Convention

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