How to buy good wine online

Posted on March 27, 2017 by Dimitri Safonov | 0 comments

how to buy good wine online: what is good wine

There are probably just a few questions that are most frequent for any wine merchant - ‘I would like a good red wine’ or ‘I prefer a good white wine’. Quite obviously that ‘good wine’ is something different for every wine shopper, but we’ve decided to make a bit of a research and this short writeup is about its results.

We’ve collected data from our wine club members and organic wine shop customers with regards to what wine they define as good wine. Read their opinions and our quick tips on getting the most out of shopping for wine online.

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Wine Subscription & Serendipity

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Organic Wine Subscription - Serendipity

I was sitting near the Thames with my burrito and thinking about my upcoming visit to Foyles. What should I get? I don’t know at the slightest. Something pleasant, or maybe something shocking? Is this how we get our lives so exciting and interesting - simply by stumbling upon new things and making our own judgement whether we like it or not?

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Wine & Tapas Club - February 2017 wine tasting

Posted on February 10, 2017 by Alexander Thomson-Mclean | 0 comments

Wine and Tapas Club at Organic Wine Club: February 2017

Wine and Tapas Club has been launched in January 2017 and we've had a first wine tasting evening just yesterday!

So how do you judge if your event has been a success? A celebratory glass of no added sulphites Cremant d'Alsace to start with and then a dozen of organic wines to sample...

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Even more rewards with our Wine Drops Loyalty & Referral Programme

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Wine Drops Loyalty and Referral Programme from Organic Wine Club

Great news: we've added even more rewards in our Wine Drops Loyalty and Referral Programme!

You earn points by simply creating an account with us, making purchases and referring your friends and contacts. We give you delicious organic wine in exchange! 

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Our Gratitude to 2016: Organic Wine Club year in review

Posted on December 30, 2016 by Dimitri Safonov | 0 comments

Organic Wine Club: our 2016 review

Happy New 2017! We are extremely grateful for everyone who has supported our new business this year.

Read about Organic Wine Club first year of running this exciting, challenging and dynamic business. Here is a list of articles and guides we've produced in 2016. Cheers!

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WSET Level 1 and 2 are launched at Organic Wine Club

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Organic Wine Club is WSET Approved Programme Provider

We are now an approved programme provider for WSET qualifications. If you live in or around Worcester Park, you can enrol to Level 1 or Level 2 Wine and Spirit Education Trust qualifications easily. Great commute to and from South West London, Wimbledon, Clapham, Kingston and Sutton.

Learn more about these wine courses.

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Introducing our Wine Tasting At Home subscription box

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Who can deny it, we all love cozy comfort of our own home! You use your favourite wine glasses or simply being able to sample wine in the garden. Habit is a very satisfying thing.
There is nothing wrong knowing what we like. Yet is it limiting us in learning new things?
When it comes to food and drink, tasting is enabling us to discover more things we love and also identify ones we don’t. 
With our free in-store wine tasting events you can treat yourself to some fantastic samples and expert advice. But this is not the only way!

Wine Tasting Subscription Box is a convenient way how you can sample unique and interesting organic wines, learn a little bit more about a diverse world of organic wines and be confident to even host a wine party yourself. All this at home, even in your slippers!

What’s in the wine tasting box and how does it work.

Wine Tasting Subscription Box - organic wines at homeOrganic Wine Club will send you a box of three full sized bottles of organic wine that are grouped by a theme: think of three different Sauvignon Blanc wines, three different reds from south of Spain or even three natural wines.
Your first box will come also with a ‘Recommendations to Wine Tasting At Home’ booklet, which was written and designed by us specifically to boost your confidence in wine tasting. We will add a gift to your first box - 'Vacu Vin' set (vacuum pump and two stoppers so you can preserve the wine and then taste or drink it later, up to a week or two though).
Each box will also come with a more specific guide to the actual wines - an introduction to these three organic wines and additional information so you are in the know what you are going to try. 

Taste organic wines. Host a wine party. Buy as a wine gift.

Wine Tasting at Home Kit - subscribe for organic winesYou can then sample the wines, host a wine tasting party and sample with friends - simply enjoy this experience! You will find some wine descriptors and tips in our brochure if you need to refer to it for some help.

We will also include a sealed envelope with our own tasting notes for those wines - we will leave it up to you whether to open it to see what we’ve thought about the wines, or not at all. Imagine the fun you can have teasing your friends to name all the flavours! There is no right or wrong - taste is so personal!
As you can see, it is fun, informal and informative too. All the wines in the box are organic, so you are getting healthier wines, made with love and care by artisan wineries and hand picked by us in store.

Let’s sample new, different and sometimes surprising organic wines, learn more about them and appreciate different aromas and flavours.

How much organic wine tasting at home subscription costs?

Each box costs £50 plus postage and you can modify your subscription at any time by logging in to your account or contacting Organic Wine Club.

We pack our boxes on or after 15th of each month to ensure that they are shipped to our subscribers by 20th - get yours now! Cheers

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