Help us make this festive December more SANE

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Il Terraio Paterna 2015 Tuscany - Italian organic white wine

Festive season is meant to be a happy one with loads of smiles, laughter, great food and wine, meeting your friends and family and simply enjoying pleasures in life. Yet for some people it is not. 

Please join us in our fundraising initiative for SANE charity to help people who suffer from mental illnesses. We donate £1 from every sale of one special Italian organic wine.

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Welcome to Organic September! Are you drinking organic yet?

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Organic September - organic wine promotions and wine offersThis September the whole United Kingdom becomes even more aware of organic farming, produce and, with our help, organic wines! We've prepared quite a few promotions, offers and events so everyone can sample, buy and enjoy delicious organic wines

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Introducing our Wine Tasting At Home subscription box

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Who can deny it, we all love cozy comfort of our own home! You use your favourite wine glasses or simply being able to sample wine in the garden. Habit is a very satisfying thing.
There is nothing wrong knowing what we like. Yet is it limiting us in learning new things?
When it comes to food and drink, tasting is enabling us to discover more things we love and also identify ones we don’t. 
With our free in-store wine tasting events you can treat yourself to some fantastic samples and expert advice. But this is not the only way!

Wine Tasting Subscription Box is a convenient way how you can sample unique and interesting organic wines, learn a little bit more about a diverse world of organic wines and be confident to even host a wine party yourself. All this at home, even in your slippers!

What’s in the wine tasting box and how does it work.

Wine Tasting Subscription Box - organic wines at homeOrganic Wine Club will send you a box of three full sized bottles of organic wine that are grouped by a theme: think of three different Sauvignon Blanc wines, three different reds from south of Spain or even three natural wines.
Your first box will come also with a ‘Recommendations to Wine Tasting At Home’ booklet, which was written and designed by us specifically to boost your confidence in wine tasting. We will add a gift to your first box - 'Vacu Vin' set (vacuum pump and two stoppers so you can preserve the wine and then taste or drink it later, up to a week or two though).
Each box will also come with a more specific guide to the actual wines - an introduction to these three organic wines and additional information so you are in the know what you are going to try. 

Taste organic wines. Host a wine party. Buy as a wine gift.

Wine Tasting at Home Kit - subscribe for organic winesYou can then sample the wines, host a wine tasting party and sample with friends - simply enjoy this experience! You will find some wine descriptors and tips in our brochure if you need to refer to it for some help.

We will also include a sealed envelope with our own tasting notes for those wines - we will leave it up to you whether to open it to see what we’ve thought about the wines, or not at all. Imagine the fun you can have teasing your friends to name all the flavours! There is no right or wrong - taste is so personal!
As you can see, it is fun, informal and informative too. All the wines in the box are organic, so you are getting healthier wines, made with love and care by artisan wineries and hand picked by us in store.

Let’s sample new, different and sometimes surprising organic wines, learn more about them and appreciate different aromas and flavours.

How much organic wine tasting at home subscription costs?

Each box costs £50 plus postage and you can modify your subscription at any time by logging in to your account or contacting Organic Wine Club.

We pack our boxes on or after 15th of each month to ensure that they are shipped to our subscribers by 20th - get yours now! Cheers

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TeamGB Olympic promotion: 10% off British organic wines

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Team GB OlympicGB Olympics British organic wine

Delicious British organic wine from Sussex (Davenport and Sedlescombe) and Surrey Hills (Albury) is now 10% off till 22nd August to celebrate, support and cheer for TeamGB. Do it in style with these glorious organic wines!

Use code OlympicGB during checkout to get your instant 10% off!

Browse British wine club cases and let's hope for a result beating London 2012!

We have 4 wines from Davenport vineyards, which is a great full range you can't find anywhere else; a bottle of rose organic wine from Surrey Hills (it is called Silent Pool and comes from Albury vineyards) and a new addition to this range - an aromatic white from Sedlescombe, first UK's organic vineyard.

We also offered two separate cases of organic wines - with or without a bottle of sparkling wine (are you a lover of bubbly or not?) and a few gift options that you can opt for anytime.

Cheers! #TeamGB #OlympicGB

P.S. To avoid any confusion with terms, we refer to British wine and British organic wine in particular as English Quality Wine made from grapes grown organically. 

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Smart Wine Shopping at Organic Wine Club

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 This short but valuable guide is to show you how to get the most value and benefits from Organic Wine Club.

Organic Wine Club - how to make the most of itLet’s start with the whole essence of what is Organic Wine Club. It is UK’s first wine club solely dedicated to organic wines. It offers delicious wines, variety of flavours to savour and explore. It is a club as it offers members-only exclusive cases and discounts up to 25%. We recommend to drink organic wine - these wines are healthier as compared to conventional wines. If you want to learn more about organic wine and other different types of healthier wines, read our guide on all things organic wine here.

Helping people to drink less but better wines is the ultimate wine & business mission.

Organic Wine Club expertly handpicks all organic wines that we stock and engages its members in decision making process - our customers are in control what we order and sell. Visit our store to taste some organic wine or give us feedback online please. 

So how to get the most value for money whilst still buying amazing organic wines that are better for you? Read the details below or download our 2-page short pdf file here.

1. Earn Wine Drops & get free organic wine on us

Wine Drops loyalty programme earn wine on us refer friends

Most important is to sort out an account with us. Many people buy without opening an account and they start to miss out on additional perks the same moment. Our advice is that you can sign up for an account with is without even buying organic wine.

Why? We run our loyalty programme called Wine Drops and it starts rewarding you from the moment of account creation. You get an introductory 200 points when you sign up, 1 point for every £1 spent and somewhat amazing 500 points for referring a friend. Just to illustrate, if you have signed up (200 points), referred 6 friends (they need to become a purchasing member), you will have 3200 points. That is £32 off a case of wine for you. Before you buy anything. Great tip, hope you will use it. Download our web leaflet about Wine Drops here.

2. News, Wine Info and Offers.

Next stop is to sign up for our newsletter. We want to keep all our visitors, customers and members updated about what’s going on - we publish dates for our free organic wine tasting events, special promotions and useful information about organic wines. Don’t worry, no spam or third party emails. We also keep these emails to a bare minium (1-2 a month). When you sign up, you will receive a voucher code for a free delivery. That is £8 saving too!

3. Special promotional organic wine cases.

You are almost there to make a wonderfully cost effective organic wine purchase. Organic Wine Club is constantly running welcome offers. If you stay tuned and manage to get a deal, you are up for a treat. Great discounts and also delicious wines are on offer. Make sure to check promotional page with the current organic wine offers.

4. Wine Club Cases. Become Organic Wine Club Member.

If the promo cases did not spark your interest or you’ve bought one and want more value then you should definitely have a look at the Wine Club Cases page. Membership at Organic Wine Club starts with buying any of Introductory or Classic organic wines cases.

Choose between mixed, just reds, just whites case of 6 or 12 bottles. They are already discounted up to 10% off retail prices. Remember, you will be accumulating Wine Drops as well. Yet it is not the main advantage - your membership with us assumes you get 10% off anything! It also includes an access to Members-only cases page, which gives you an additional discount of 10%.

You can also subscribe for regular deliveries and get additional 5% off.

There are no fees to maintain your membership and you can save up to 10-25% on pre-mixed member cases and also tailor your own case with at least 10% off. Contact us with your own requirements and we will be happy to advise on organic wine. 

5. Learn more about wines and healthier lifestyle.

Membership at Organic Wine Club is not just about discounts, it is about becoming a member of our organic wine community. Tasting events, educational sessions, wine tasting evenings with producers and social events are very popular at Organic Wine Club. Members join us for free pop in organic wine tasting sessions and themed tastings. Have a look at our Tasting page for the tasting schedule.

Living in a digital economy also means that we are active on social media  - please feel free to engage with us and fellow organic wine club members on Facebook, Twitter and more platforms.

Organic Wine Club benefits of wine subscription and membershipThere are so many ways how to get the most out of your engagement with Organic Wine Club. Make it smart - save money, get free delivery coupon, join the club, subscribe and learn more about wines you drink. We almost forgot - save Earth (just a little bit) and drink organic!


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Organic Wine Club is offering exciting launch cases

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Hello to you all, organic wine lovers!

When we have started thinking about creating a club that is solely dedicated to organic wines, our intention was that our customers would never be bored with the different flavours to match various occasions, meals and social events. 

25% off organic wines - Launch Promotion

We are launching our brick-and-mortar store in South-West London, borders of Surrey, in Worcester Park very soon, but to celebrate the launch of online wine club, we've decided to offer 80 cases of organic wine with a generous 25% discount off retail prices and more benefits on top. 

Pre-Launch Organic Wien CasesWith these cases we offer a taster - 6 bottles of what we've called 'everyday organic wines' for just £59.45, a wider selection - another 12 bottles case to introduce you to variety of different flavours for £127.81 and also 6 amazing organic wines that we think are one of the best in class for less than £100. Browse them, check out our additional offers and we will be delighted to welcome you as one of our first 80 members! You will also enjoy a priority access to all of our wine tasting events. 

Please see a selection of our pre-launch organic wine cases here.

Thank you very much!

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