Take a Vegan Challenge for a Week! Your Weekly Vegan Recipes & a Shopping List

Posted on January 09, 2018 by Dimitri Safonov | 0 comments

vegan challenge for a week - go plant based and get healthier

Is it easy to cook vegan dinners for a family?

Can it be on the budget too?

Those were two questions asked by one of my best friends. I told her about my decision to eat only whole-foods plant based diet. She was curious whether it is too dificult, too time consuming or even too expensive.

As a result of my research, here is your weekly, Monday to Sunday, suggestions how you can go vegan with your family.

Take a Vegan Challenge for a week!

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What is Wine that is not Suitable for Vegans?

Posted on March 04, 2017 by Alexander Thomson-Mclean | 0 comments

vegan wine barrels

Wine is essentially grape juice, right? It is made from crushed grapes, that grow from vines and not they are not modified to grow on badgers. So how on earth can wine not be suitable for people who live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle? Read our Store Manager's post on vegan wine.

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Vegan recipes & vegan wine: what are the best matches?

Posted on February 22, 2017 by Dimitri Safonov | 0 comments

Veggie recipes: healthy green salad & vegan wine pairing suggestions

As you already know from our no nonsense guide to food and wine matching there are some considerations to be made when deciding on good pairings. What does it mean for vegan recipes and vegan wine? Are there are additional ‘rules’? Are there any suggestions that affect the pairings? Let’s explore!

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