White organic wine tasting: rich & full-bodied white wines

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Warming richer full bodies white wines - Organic Wine Club

Sunny days are almost over, winter is almost upon us, but we've thought it is not a reason to turn our backs from delicious organic white wines. We've selected the following 3 organic wines to showcase richer, fuller and rounder styles of white wines.

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Chilean organic wine tasting report: exciting organic Carmenere wines & more

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Organic wine tasting - Chilean wines

Our organic wine tasting report on Chilean wines. Read more about our tasting samples, findings and customer feedback. We have offered 3 organic wines: Chardonnay, Carmenere and a blend of Syrah Mourvedre.

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Italian organic wine tasting report: natural and organic wines from Italy

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Organic wines from Italy: Veneto, Puglia, Tuscany. Follow our organic wine tasting eventsIt is time to explore one of the most prominent winemaking countries - Italy! We've selected 3 organic wines, 1 natural wine and 2 organic red wines - check out our tasting notes and food matches. We will conclude with our customers' verdict!

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Biodynamic wine tasting and guide on biodynamic wines

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Biodynamic wines - moon cycles and being in sync with nature

Explore biodynamic viticulture and resulting biodynamic wines. Learn why it is a bit controversial, less scientific and more of a philosophy. In fact it was a green movement that started earlier than a classic organic movement as such. The main concept is to create a self sufficient environment.

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Red Organic Wine Tasting: Grenache. Garnacha. Cannonau

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Organic red wine tasting Grenache Garnacha Cannonau

Welcome to our report on red organic wine tasting we have hosted this Saturday showcasing three red wines made of Grenache (or Garnacha or Cannonau - just different names) grape variety.

We took a quick tour to explore how the same dominant grape variety, in this case an organic Grenache, expresses itself in different climates and winemaking techniques.

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Lower alcohol organic wine tasting at Organic Wine Club

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We hope you are enjoying this summer. There are a few incredibly nice and warm days that are just meant to be enjoyed with a glass of wine and somewhere outside, be it as close as your garden or terrace!

Yet with average alcoholic strength of wine ever so slightly increasing year on year and reaching 14% abv it means your glass of wine is quite punchy under this sun.

Why lower alcohol organic wines?

It is not just a single factor why you can consider opting for a lower alcohol wine sometimes. Alcohol is high in calories. It sits between carbs (4 calories per gram) and fat (9 calories per gram) with 7 calories per gram. It can be quite a sobering thought to think that a bottle of 15% abv red wine can ‘cost’ you in calories as much as 3 hamburgers from McDonalds. Shocking, isn’t it?

Lower alcohol organic wines from Germany and FranceJust to make a quick note on low alcohol wines as a term. Generally speaking, and according to Oxford Companion to Wine, they are also mentioned as reduced alcohol wines, which means the strength was reduced using an artificial method. Organic Wine Club is not stocking any of those! We believe that some grape varieties are naturally capable to deliver less alcoholic strength and these are exactly the wines we’ve selected to taste. They are good examples of our Lower Alcohol case of 6 organic wines that is proven to be selling well and there is nothing artificial about them - purity of flavours and organic viticulture guaranteed! 

We are offering to sample the following wines during our lower alcohol organic wine tasting: 

  1. Beetle Riesling Kabinett 2014 from Mosel, Germany.
  2. Domaine de la Colombette Rose, south of France
  3. Domaine de la Colombette 2013 Cabernet Merlot, Languedoc, France

White and rose wines are both 11.5%, which means a better care for your waistline and just slightly larger glass to match UK Government drinking guidelines! Our organic red wine is a bit punchier at 12.5%, but there is no compromise on flavour - with many reds it can be true that lower alcohol examples can taste quite flabby and flat, but not this one!



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Organic Wine Tasting: perfect rose wines for summer

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On 30th July we have had a few people to taste our organic rose wines. This was a very good organic wine tasting as the weather is rather pleasant these days in London!

Which organic wines we had to offer for a rose tasting?

Jane Ventura Rosat Seleccio 2015 from Penedes, Spain

ZE Rose Domaine de Brau from Pays d'Oc, France

Davenport Pinot Noir Rose from English vineyards in Sussex, UK.

Rose wine tasting
We have selected these three organic wines for our guests to try different styles of rose wine. They are all dry, so minimum levels of residual sugar here. Apart from watching your sugar contents, we have pointed out that these organic wines can vary in alcohol strength too - Spanish was the strongest with 13% abv, followed by French at 12.5% abv and then English organic wine was the lowest at 11.5% abv. The latter is the healthiest option.

Different colour of the wines was also due to different grapes used to produce these rose wines. Spanish has a blend of Tempranillo and Syrah; French uses Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cinsault; whilst Davenport Rose is a pure varietal Pinot Noir. 

Flavour-wise we also had a definite winner, measured by sales and customer feedback. With the overwhelming majority English rose from Davenport vineyards was the winner. It is very soft, with delicate strawberry and cream profile, extremely balanced so it is not shop yet still refreshing. 

You taste abundance of red berry fruit, so characteristic for Pinot Noir grapes (grown organically of course), and fresh, fuller bodied than usual, expressive flavour.

Sometimes these wine tasting sessions need to be super chilled and easygoing - you pop in, try some wines, taste something different and move on to enjoy these glorious days (especially when it is weekend!). These rose wines are perfect to be taken with you and enjoyed in your garden, picnic or with light appetisers and salads.


P.S. Follow our tasting schedule at Wine Tasting page.

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