The great effects of a juice cleanse

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Plenish cleanse We have teamed up with Plenish Cleanse to bring you the latest in juice cleansing.

They have asked one of their experts to outline the main benefits of cleansing and here it is it - enjoy!

A juice cleanse is the ultimate way to super-charge your body with vitamins and minerals and wipe the slate clean. From glowing skin and increased energy to a natural and organic way to reach your happy, healthy weight, cleansing is all about making you feel your utter best inside and out. Wellness coach and nutrition expert Rebecca Hirst shares her top cleanse benefits here.

Glowing Skin

I love a juice cleanse, so much that most of the photos on my website were actually taken on day 3 of my last Plenish Cleanse. My skin was literally glowing and I felt good!

Switching to 100% plant-based nutrition for a while and abstaining from meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and sugar decreases inflammation in the body. This has a positive impact on the skin as redness fades, blemishes subside and the skin looks well hydrated. Drinking plenty of water with fresh lemon also helps to boost the benefits of a Plenish Cleanse.

Amazing energy

The things you might usually rely on to pep up your energy levels (hello refined sugar, caffeine, white carbs) are the things that actually zap your energy levels. They’re a quick fix and the high is quickly followed by a swift energy slump.

When you cleanse, you cut out these ‘vitality vampires’ that suck the life out of you and replace them with a big influx of energy-boosting goodness.

Think about it. When you swap a daily coffee, bagel and a 3pm bar of chocolate for cold pressed, raw organic juices, your body is getting a big swoosh of anti-oxidants from plant polyphenols plus alkalising greens, and alkaline is a very good thing when it comes to wellness.

Without refined sugar, coffee and white carbs, your energy levels are kept on a lovely even keel to bring your body into balance.

Weight loss

Not just for the present but for the future you’re taking a big positive step for your health when you decided to cleanse. You’re choosing to nourish yourself with raw, organic, colourful, delicious juices. Which has a knock-on effect. It makes you more conscious of what you eat the rest of the time. A win-win.

A juice cleanse isn’t a diet. I don’t use the ‘d’ word because it conjures up thoughts of deprivation and dreariness. A juice cleanse is the opposite. It’s about adding the good stuff, and lots of it, which in turn makes you want to eat healthily and helps you on your way to reaching your happy, healthy weight. Think about it more as a health-gain rather than weight loss strategy. 

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Rebecca Hirst is the founder of Glorious Wellness.

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