The 'I'll Do It Myself Busy Book'

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What is a Busy Book?

A Busy Book is a fun, sensory learning tool for young children aged from 1-5 years. They are story books for boys and girls aged 1-5 that helps with their personal development, so things like brushing their teeth and tying their shoes can become a fun game in real life, rather than a boring daily chore.

The Busy Book allows children to create thier own daily stories, which will involve these everyday tasks that they can act out in life for themselves. From their stories, the child’s independence and self-sufficiency skills will also develop.

Including all the life and personal development skills that these books bring to a child, they are also practical. The entire book and all the parts are machine washable as everything is made various sensory fabrics.

DISCLAIMER! - I can tell you that I had fun playing with them for around an hour the day they arrived!

Why do we have Busy Books?

A close friend of my business partner Dimitri is a volunteer who helps to raise funds for a small NGO called Children UA, and they take orphaned teenagers to educational summer camps. Here they learn many of the values of education, social relationships and general life skills in the absence of parents. Dimitri and I have supported these fund-raising campaigns before and would like to do it again!

The current fund-raising project involves sales of the handmade I’ll do it myself Busy Book

During the time I have known Dimitri, I have met a number of his Ukrainian friends. They have always been focused on helping others, but since February 2014, they have been doing everything that they can to try and offer help and assistance to family, friends and those who have been affected by the ongoing conflict.

The wonderful world of politics is something that, we here at Organic Wine Club, would rather leave to politicians! But, with every conflict there is always victims and people who will suffer. Sadly, this collective of people will inevitably include children. This is not at all fair or just!

Our Support

To show our support, we have 4 Busy Books, 2 for the girls and 2 for the boys, available from us here at Organic Wine Club. They are on sale for only £35 each and with each purchase we will include delivery and an addition £15 donation per Busy Book to Children UA.

What is truly remarkable about these books, not just that all profits are going to help children that are in need, it’s also who makes these books. In the east of Ukraine, four young women, who are also mothers and widows from the ongoing conflict, are employed to create these books and feed their young families.

From Dimitri and I, we would like to thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully support this much needed cause. If you would like to help get in touch with the team at Children UA, who I’m sure would love to hear from you or simply copy the link and share with friends, family and colleagues.

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