The Very Best Organic Wine for Everyday Drinking

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 The Best Organic Wines for Everyday Drinking

It has been a while since we've created a few guides on Organic Wines under £10, the updated selection is here: Wines under £11; and Organic Wines between £11-£15, the updated selection of wines is here: Wines between £11 and £20.

So this review is about a brand new selection: I have considered organic wines on the budget that would also suit many different types of weekday dinners. You need versatility and uncomplicated good flavours. You can also preserve your wine for longer using our VacuVin pump. Sounds like a good plan?

Please see my comments on the wine below and the complete list of suggested organic wine bottles. Cheers

1. Redentore Pinot Grigio from Venice, Italy (no added sulphites)

For everyone who is not a fan of this grape variety we can say that you should try this one. This organic Pinot Grigio is not your neutral and overly simple white wine, it has plenty of herbs, refreshing citrus fruit and exciting minerality that comes to show more prominently as there is no added sulphites in this organic white wine. 

2. Syrah Rose from Saint Irenee, south of France

A delicate rose with light salmon colour that will go down well with elegant starters or simply to sit and sip in the garden. Round freshness with nothing too acidic or too sharp. Perfect for parties too.

3. Les Galets Rouge 2014 from Costieres de Nimes, France

Just south from Nice this organic red wine doesn't have a massive price tag attached to it; instead it delights with juicy, light and expressive red fruit flavours. It is very light but yet medium bodied. Very smooth red wine with a light touch of pepper at the back. 

4. Gran Cerdo Tempranillo from Rioja Alta, Spain

Everytime we can this wine back in stock it sells out very quickly. Its story also helps - the bottle depicts winemaker's struggle with banks who refused them a loan by saying that wine is not an asset. The winemaker then used crowdfunding and friends' help to raise money and did an awesome job producing a very fresh organic Tempranillo that is grown in Rioja Alta region yet not complying with typical Rioja standards - worth exploring, it is a work of true artisan.

5. Tragolargo 2014 from Alicante, Spain (no added sulphites)

I hope you will still read my notes for the wine #6, but I must say that Tragolargo 2014 is one of my favourite options when it comes to everyday red wine - it is organic, unfiltered, suitable for vegans and vegetarians and also no added sulphites. It seems that the wine has it all, and it is not just on paper - this red wine will delight you with its smooth and round character, juicy and ripe black fruit and a touch of sweet spice. I tink it is a cracking value knowing that our members can order it for less with their 10% discount. Read more about this organic red wine from Alicante and its winemaker in our Organic Star review.

6. Armador Carmenere 2015 from Chile

This organic red wine finishes my list of everyday wine suggestions and it will be a better option for anyone who likes richer styles of red wine. It is juicy, round, rich, yet at the same time not overpowering at all. The winemaker, Norwegian Armador, left all fresh fruit flavours pretty much untouched and matured this wine for just 5 months in oak to get an extra smoothness and its mellow character. Think of more flavoursome dishes, grilled meats and stews for this one. 

A glass of quality organic wine will make your dinner truly enjoyable. Save your wine for the next one and have fun selecting some healthy recipes for your culinary creations. Cheers!

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