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I have been asked by many people what the purpose of SYZYGY Wines actually is? Where did the idea come from and what did I intend on doing with it?

A few months back, I was in our store one day having a chat with one of our regular customers and the subject of modern day role models came into conversation. The usual social media suspects came up, a few ‘celebrity’ politicians etc. But there was a question that was raised and that didn’t leave my head for a few days. What if you have, like me, somewhat of an introverted personality? Who can you look up to if you live your life by certain values?

The exceptional rise of veganism and desire for vegan wines has kept us, only slightly busy recently. Despite the mad rush, this thought of role models hadn’t left my mind. I did start to think about who my role models were growing up. Where would I look now if I was looking for some inspiration? Then it started to sink in, what about our organic winemakers? I spend my entire days, quite literally sometimes, with their products.

But this thought was growing and what I ended up with was 3 questions;

  • could I look at any of these winemakers be role models? But when you know the way that I consume alcohol, it would be slightly odd if I didn’t idolise all of these winemakers!
  • we all know of the destructive nature of alcohol; how can this be ok to think about?
  • how can I move on and get this out of my head!

In every job there is always some extra research. Despite what I already know about our wines and their makers, is there any other, secret stories that they have? After looking into a few of the known winemaking rebels, I realised that I was looking for the wrong things, I was searching for skeletons! I shouldn’t be scouring the internet for gossip, I should be digging through the PR and photo shopped vineyards and look for the do-gooders of the wine world!

So, moving forward again a week or so, all my research had shown that in fact you can make wine and not be the devil! I had discovered that there was an entire world of winemakers who were using their wineries or their names and experience to help improve the life of their teams, their local communities and environments. They were breaking down barriers and stereotypes, preserving traditions and imparting their knowledge without any kind of prejudice. It suddenly became something awe-inspiring that made me want to do something to help these winemakers, so that they could continue to do more!

So, SYZYGY started to come together. From there I was then looking for some truly delicious wines that were being made by some of the most talented and inspirational people. But why the name? The idea of synergy is not something that’s really new. Whilst the certifications of organic winemaking and biodynamic farming have been around for almost 100 years, the philosophy of working in sync with nature is something that wine growers have done for centuries.

Whilst I was looking into the winemakers, I also happened to stumble across a website with some translations from mystics and old philosophers. It was a bit random and unsure how it was connected so I had a look anyway. Vladimir Solovyov, was an old Russian philosopher who used the term ‘syzygy’ as a noun to describe ‘unity-friendship-community’. At that moment, there was the name. Nothing could have been more aptly appropriate.     

So, what will we do with this new line of wines? There is only 10 listed at the moment, but there is so many more. We will change up these wines and offer Organic Wine Club as a platform for winemakers who are doing something more than creating great wines.     

There is something good in knowing what all these winemakers are doing, but there is still a question remaining, how can we celebrate these individuals when they are creating a product that can cause so much pain and influence our lives so badly?

There is a lot that can be said about people, both good and bad. Everyone will always have their own set of situations that can never be equalled or quantified by another person. Ultimately, we do always have a choice, even if it seems impossible. Mis-education, irresponsible media and sales campaigns and plain greed, can drive anyone into the down word spiral of abusing alcohol.

But just because these people make an alcoholic beverage shouldn’t automatically mean they need to be condemned to the darkest recesses. Let’s also not forget, Superman has his strength, Wonder Woman has a whip and, well then there’s Batman….

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