Unfiltered Wine: Why You Should Consider These Flavoursome Wines

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unfiltered wine: natural wines, vegan wines - why to drink flavoursome wines

In this short read we examine what is unfiltered wine and why there is such a hype about it currently.

Let's get to grips about the whole concept though. So we were discussing earlier what would one call a natural wine. Suffice to say, it is all about low intervention winemaking, not manipulating much with the process and not adding nasties along the way.

Why filtration is needed in the winemaking process?

At the last stage, just prior to bottling, winemakers will, in majority of cases, filter their wines. The wine will accumulate a sediment and might also have smaller particles that are making the wine hazy. Many will consider these as unwanted, so winemakers use different filtration techniques to make your wine look bright and clear, but also to eliminate the sediment.

All these particles that make the wine hazy and make a light sediment actually all very natural and harmless - in fact they also contain a lot of flavour.

What happens is that in most cases winemakers will not only clarify and filter the wines, they will strip the wine of some of its flavour. Your resulted wine, your cost for the clarity, brightness and no sediment comes at a bit of a price.

Ethical concerns about current winemaking techniques

Yet that's not all. Many do not know that those filtration techniques in many many cases use animal derived materials. Cow intestines, fish bones that go into isinglass, eggs and dairy are all being used to filter your wine. It means that in some cases your wine comes at a much bigger price - a price of an animal life.

Unfortunately the ideal alternative has not been found yet. The only material that does not use animal tissue and being used in filtration is bentonite - it is a blue clay. The bad news is that is filters out even more flavour.

It seems that the hype for unfiltered wine is simply a very justified trend for a pure wine that has not been altered in many ways. It can be just for the flavour reasons, but animal welfare and a growth of vegan wine category plays a huge role too.

Unfiltered wines are on a cross of being natural, vegan and also very flavoursome. When we said that our motto is to drink less but better wines, that is the case here too. We believe that drinking these flavoursome wines is making us to enjoy these wines more, savour ever drop and in some cases drink less in volumes.
We have started collecting information which wines were filtered or not. Here is our collection of unfiltered wines below. Hope you enjoy!

Delicious unfiltered wines: flavoursome vegan wines at their best:

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