Vegan Wines Review: Join Our Quiet Rebellion Against Using Animals in Winemaking

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vegan wine review: join our quiet rebellion against animal-derived materials in winemaking

Why are you vegan or having some vegan days? Is it because you’ve heard that it’s better for your health? This is a very pragmatic approach. Vegan diets do need some planning. Yet they offer a lot of health benefits, it is true. However, some of you will argue that it is the only reason.

How about showing compassion to all living beings, how about an effective use of our resources and finally limiting the pollution? These reasons go beyond pragmatism, they touch human values, philosophy of life and thinking ahead, caring for our next generations.

Similarly, for us at Organic Wine Club, we've always explained vegan wines to everyone as the ones that are simply made with no use of animal-derived materials. That’s the easy and also pragmatic way how to describe it.

Yet we realise now that for many of you this is not the only thing to check and care about. As it becomes a vegan lifestyle, a some kind of outlook on life, vegan wine is only an effect, a product of winemaker’s lifestyle and his decisions. It becomes less of a commercial decision, say, to jump on a vegan bandwagon. It just showcases winemaker’s beliefs. So it is not a big corporation suddenly announcing that they will develop a vegan wine brand. For us it’s about an honest artisan, who produces their wines as vegan friendly and does it because they believe in the philosophy.

Based on thousands of wines sampled, we can expertly conclude that you can taste the difference between these two approaches - the one with a soul and the one with the marketing message in mind.

Vegan Wines at Organic Wine Club

Let us tell you just a bit more about artisans we work with who produce delicious vegan wines.

Cave de Ribeauville

The vineyards of Ribeauvillé have been here since the beginning of time. It were the Lords of Ribeaupierre and the Benedictine monks who first made use of the natural resources with its south facing slopes and different top soils. Despite all the upheaval in this part of France since 1895, Cave de Ribeauvillé has managed to preserve its spirit and resolve. From generation to generation, from one vintage to the next, the desire to make great wine has continued unabated. See our older blog post about meeting their winemaker

Marina Palusci

We just cannot get enough of their amazing SenzaNiente brand of 100% pure wines - they are vegan, 0 added sulphites and are so alive!

Our fourth generation farm, tends vineyards and olive groves with heart, passion and soul in Abruzzo. We farm organically; repudiate the use of chemicals in the cellar; use only spontaneous fermentation by wild yeasts; no filtration or stabilisation - only Grapes.

Since having been featured in our 2017 vegan Christmas wine matching guide, Senzaniente is topping our sales, when we are able to get it back in stock! 

Castello di Tassarolo

We have been listing wines made by this Italian producer from the very beginning of trading. These wines never failed to disappoint neither us or our wine club members. Our co-founder Alex repeatedly named Titouan (aged red) as one of his favorite wines, you can check his wine review here.

The wines follow similar 100% purity standards, as Marina Palusci, so don’t expect any added sulphites or additives here too. Their Gavi wine is a true classic with a very moderate acidity and will be great for those white wine lovers who prefer slightly less acidic mouthfeel.

Bodegas Parra Jimenez

Organic Wine pioneers, Bodegas Parra Jimenez are now a well-established business in the heart of Spain. Their Verdejo, Graciano and Tempranillo are very straightforward, approachable and also very affordable organic and vegan wines. They constantly are featured in our Introductory and Best Value cases. 

Albet i Noya

Another great example of precision, this producer is located in the south of Spain: 100% adherence to vegan and no added sulphites practices. We have been incredibly successful in selling their still white wine made in a very neutral style, perfect for delicate oysters and canapés.

Yet a true find is their no added sulphites and vegan sparkling wine that is made following the Traditional Method and based on Xarel-lo grapes. They grow the grapes on a selected vineyard, one of the most beautiful on the estate given the layout of its terraces, is ideal for extracting a high quality wine with a great aromatic concentration thanks to its low output, its chalky soil that is poor in organic material and the application of biodynamic cultivation techniques.


Local Sedlescombe winery does not need much introduction. Based north of Hastings, they produce a selection of inspirational and award winning English sparkling wine. They are the oldest organic vineyard that also produced England's first biodynamic wine. Classic Pinot Noir and Chardonnay blend offers purity of flavours and suitable for vegan, but also for gluten-free diets.

Baglio Gibellina

Baglio Gibellina is situated in picturesque Sicily where its vineyards are surrounded by the hills of Salemi and Santa Ninfa. Old vineyards located between 300-600m above sea level are grown on a mixture of clay and volcanic soils with limited yields allowing for the production of outstanding wines with incredible food matching potential.

Have a closer look at their Grillo, Nero d’Avola and Merlot wines - they offer incredibly attractive price points and a great everyday drinking vegan wine.

Marco Colicchio

Marco Colicchio believes that if the grapes are good enough, they should be able to produce wine that needs to assistance or human interference. The wine is unfiltered and unfined, made without any added sugars and without any artificial yeasts. We have got two amazing wines from him, check out Marco Colicchio Malvasia that is made with 14 days skin contact, so it is not a white wine anymore, it is more of an orange wine.

We also adore how passionately and humbly he says about his work: "My work takes place for most of the year in the countryside between the rows and the olive trees, which is why I chose to go down this difficult road. when I started, I set a single goal: to try to interfere as little as possible with those that are the natural life processes of plants and that vast world of fermentation and maturation of wine. I did not force myself to choose not to use synthetic chemistry in the vineyard, let alone to renounce to wineries that for many companies are the routine but that for me it meant making a non-sincere product, which did not reflect my territory nor much less myself. I try to make every year my wine, my different wine, sincere that no one else belongs to me and my vineyard can do."

Vegan Wines philosophy 

We fully agree with Marco. Your consumption of vegan wine is also a sign of your support. We vote by our money. It is your support for life’s pleasures that are made by values and principles, honesty and belonging. It is a quiet rebellion against killing animals for our food or, as in our case, to clarify or filter the wines.

Organic Wine Club wants to join this rebellion and stand against excessive use of additives, sulphites. Animals should not be used or abused to produce our wines, so cheers to all of you and our vegan wine producers.

We have included featured vegan wines below, but please have a look at our full collection of vegan wines here. Thank you. 

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