Will you trade a glass of wine for a few deep breaths?

Posted on 21 November, 2018 by Dimitri Safonov | 2 comments

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Do you remember the last time you were out of breath simply because you were tired, stress or just very sad? Its not a nice feeling at all! I also remember that my instincts or better call them habits were telling me to pour a glass of wine. It will probably take or 3 more glasses until I would make myself more relaxed, take s few deeper breaths and start to unwind.

Many of us has those days and thats OK. Yet do you see a very wrong pattern in this scenario?

When we are gulping for air, our body is simply telling us to stop, have a deep breath and think more clearly. Instead, we opt for a glass of wine, gulp one or several without noticing its flavour or aroma and only then turn our attention to breathing (if it at all happens for us). I was like this for a long time but my mindfulness practice got me thinking that simply another way around is better.

Next time your life will look like a stressful myriad of events, simply take a pause.

Tell yourself (force if necessary) to sit down and have 5-10 very deep breaths. Inhale and exhale so you can hear it. Return to normal breathing afterwards. If you got 5 minutes, and please do not say no to this, it is obvious that 99% of things are not that important, close your eyes and count your normal breaths. Simply count them from 1 to 10 and keep your attention on the action of breathing. It if not as simple as it seems, your mind, especially when its agitated, will try and run away somewhere. Most probably, it will take you back to the object of your stress, you can simply acknowledge that and then gently get your attention back to breathing and counting. You cant control it, so it is OK when it goes astray.

The beauty of this exercise it not only it de-stresses you, it also trains your attention muscle - with time you will be able to return your attention to breathing quicker and easier.

Research has shown that this simple breathing practice calms you down and makes your mind more grounded. You will have better chance in finding the solution or simply feeling that slightly better. It is a much more effective tool than alcohol.

Yet of course, when you have found the solution and you are calm and happy about it, you can celebrate it with a glass of your favourite natural wine. As it is made without added sulphites and preservatives, it won’t give you that hazy morning feeling as most conventional wines do.

Here you have it - you got yourself a simple breathing solution that will make you feel better and whats more, healthier, instead of tricking yourself with a glass of alcoholic drink simply to relax.

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P.S. My own personal perspective:

I have noticed a lot of progress when I started turning my attention to breathing first (compared to wine or a myriad of issues). If you want to learn more advanced techniques, Id recommend checking some yogic practices called pranayama. This basic and more advanced exercises will also help to lower you blood pressure, slow down heart rate, tame your anger and many more benefits. Whats more, emotionally you will become more loving and compassionate to your own self. You can really give a helping hand by simply breathing.

My favourite Pranayama exercises:

  1. Complete breath: engage your abdominal, chest and collar bone areas. Do a full and long exhale.
  2. Step breathing: step inhale and then exhale fully; full inhale and then step exhale. By 'step' it means you need to take multiple small inhalations or exhalations instead of one longer one.
  3. Ocean breath: make a light sound with your throat (great for high blood pressure), it can remind you of soft ocean waves (humming with your throat). It is calming and energising. Lowers blood pressure. Relieves insomnia (make a slight contraction at the entrance of your wind pipe).
  4. Alternate nostril breathing: pretty much self-explanatory, but you can simply close a nostril and breathe with another one, on a next exhale you can make a change. Five or more rounds of this and this exercise will ground you very nicely. 
  5. Tibetan 'humming bee' breath: sit in prayer and inhale, exhaling move your hands to rub over your face, top of the head, back of the head and ears.
  6. Bellows breath: a ver invigorating practice where all you need to do is to breathe forcefully - quick and forceful abdominal inhalations and exhalations.

From the world of yoga I'd recommend you try a very grounding 'Camel' pose, it regulates thyroid, boosts immune system and good for digestion.

I'd look forward for your own tips and tricks - just ping us via Contact form. Many thanks!

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21 November, 2018

Thanks Jean! Great suggestions indeed. We’ve heard Tai Chi is going strength to strength in the UK now.

Jean S.
Jean S.

21 November, 2018

I favour Qigong Shibashi for beginners, it is very easy to learn and one doesn’t need to be a contortionist which seniors may prefer. Tai Chi is the icing on the cake. Anything that helps with mind, body and soul is to be applauded. The most important thing of course, is to breathe.

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