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Il Terraio wine and mental health donation Wine, don’t we all just love it? If you are reading this I am sure you probably do, just as we certainly do here at Organic Wine Club. This post is something that I have chosen to share as I do not want my experience to be hidden from view and I hope that it will help bring some positivity to the lives of anyone who may also be struggling. So, this is my story.

For the last 2 years, both Dimitri and myself have worked around the clock from early in the morning until early the next morning. Attached to our computers like an old ball and chain! With our blog posts we have always tried and actively chosen to try and steer clear of the murky and sometimes childish world of politics. Sadly, however I need to stray into this storm.

For a very long time it has been very well documented that the mental health services and external community assistance in this field has been chronically underfunded and sadly depending on your point of view, overlooked. Which means that the exceptional work of these teams is gravely undervalued.

Tragically we are straying into this troubled area due to my own personal experience and my struggles with mental health. With all the attention my computer has received over the last 2 years, the daily grind of working what feels like 29 hours a day, 8 days a week. We have been trying to build your brand and business, maintain whilst striving improve our levels of service and hoping to turn a profit under the most of austere and opaque of circumstances that all businesses are under at this pivotal moment in our countries history has not been easy. Then suddenly one very lonely morning in October it all just got too much.

After an episode, for my own safety I was transported to hospital where I spent 24 hours before being transported to a secure facility. The stress of a busy, but lonely life, along with the pressure of business finally almost got the better of me. Whilst trying to come to the immediate terms of what had happened, I was suddenly transferred to this very strange and alien environment so that I could spend some time to heal. Almost like Dorothy said, ‘I don’t think were in Kansas anymore.’ I was then suddenly, and completely from nowhere, surrounded by the most dedicated team of people to wanted to help me deal with my lives issues and ensure that I would most importantly be and feel safe.

After 5 days of sharing, looking for assistance and rediscovering the incredible power of friendship, I headed home. Where I was transported back into the real world and try to make sense of the insanity that’s all around. These few days had been very singular, harrowing and the most terrifying time of my entire existence. However, it did give me time to find some clarity, objectivity and most importantly purpose. For a very, very long time, like thousands of other people around this country I chose to struggle along in silence, choosing the British way of smiling and nodding politely whilst feeling desperate inside and making excuses for the dangerous fact I knew I needed help.

Thankfully, I managed to get the help that I so desperately needed, which means I am I here to share my experience with anyone who wants to hear about it. It has also given me a resolve to ensure that I made sure this did not happen again. Talking is hard, sharing your loves difficulties and asking for assistance is even harder. I didn’t want to talk, not too anyone. But in the end, it is simply talking that will keep me safe in the future. I hope that by sharing, anyone who feels in a position similarly too this knows that it is easier than you think, it’s not a lot of mumbo jumbo.

There are caring and respectful people who want to make sure we are all safe and that we have what we need to cope with the stresses that comes with modern day life. I would like to know turn your attention to wine, specifically something we have discussed in the past.

We support Mind charity and donate all profits from Il Terraio wine sales

The Paterna winery, located in Piedmont, Italy, has something close to a truly inspirational place. Not only do they make a fabulous white wine, Il Terraio, but the story is more about the vineyard itself and who works the vines and presses that makes it so special. It is staffed by a range of volunteers who are made up of a collection if individuals, from all walks of life, that spend various lengths of time here to live a tech free existence, escape the stress of life that also have access to councillors, fresh air and like-minded people who also fee that they need a break and some assistance with their own mental health.

Il Terraio wineAfter my own experience, I couldn’t help remembering that in December 2016 we donated £1.00 from every bottle sold to the mental health charity Mind. I know that I do not want this experience to be wasted and I don’t want it to be a forgotten memory. I want to share this for the good that it can hopefully bring, I want to help spread the message that together we can work to break down the barriers of mental health. Sharing this so far has been exceptionally difficult and although it may be short it has taken a few days to get this blog post finalised, or as I would normally refer to it as a jumbled collection of words, that I would normally call rambling. But I hope that reliving my own pain, will help to channel some positivity and offer assistance and reassurance to others.

With the blessing of a truly amazing friend who also happens to be a very patient and understanding business partner, he has agreed that we can change our stance on the pricing of this wine from the Paterna winery.

From today all profits from every bottle of this wine sold will be donated to the mental health charity Mind, so that they can continue to work the exceptional magic that they do.

I would like to thank you for taking this time to read my story. If there has been something in here that has touched you I would ask that you look for that assistance that I never sought. We are also living in a busy time and things are overlooked. In this crazy world sometimes, the simplicity of hello with a smile and thank you can brighten up anyone’s day.

Thank You


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Ithiel Mogridge
Ithiel Mogridge

November 20, 2017

Dear Alex,

Thanks for sharing your news with us. I’m sure it can’t have been easy to do so.

Now, I want to share a thought with you. Just suppose that you had a van that you relied on and was critical to your business. You would look after the van, taking it off the road to put in fuel, put air in the tyres, wash water in for the wipers and take it to be serviced. You would invest money in the fuel and having it serviced.

You could drive the van into the ground and you would get away with it for a while, but eventually it would break down. The longer you leave the van unmaintained, the harder it will be to fix when it finally breaks down.

Well, my friend YOU are the van. You are necessary to the business. Your well being has to be cherished and looked after, on an ongoing basis.

Like my little car, you’ve had a scrape. You have lived to tell the tale.

God bless you. Look after yourself.

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